Seeing is NOT believing!

The weekend was blissful to say the least.  I really enjoyed the deadlines, the goals, the standards set to show what we were made of. My son set a deadline to have his work released, my daughter set a standard to be positive and listen, and I set the goal of getting all of us to work on time  fully motivated and determined!  WE all pulled it off  and for that my weekend was blissful.  I even made amends with a great friend of mine, all was forgiven and I will let that be.

What I want to discuss with you today is …”The Power Of Belief In the Unseen”

What God has in your future is going to be bigger, better, greater – unprecedented! He’s gonna show you His goodness in ways you’ve never seen before! Keep standing, keep praying, keep putting Him first & watch His unprecedented favor come on every area of your life!   – Pastor Joel Osteen

This message from the man of God is indeed beautiful. Hearing this excites me to the fullest but there was a time this word was just that… ONLY WORDS! I was like most of us today, I heard the word on Sunday morning, but by Sunday evening I had forgotten all about it because of  the distractions and obstacles I faced.  I believed more of what I could see than what I could have from the visions I’ve seen.  Too much for you huh?… LOL, Allow me to explain…

You attend services Sunday morning and was told God loves you, wants the BEST for you, and will turn  things around for you tonight in your favor. You leave with a huge smile, great hope, glad heart, but doubt in your mind. After service you decide to go to a Chinese buffet and enjoy all the great food and even read the fortune in the cookie.  It says, the things spoken earlier today will remain a mystery but revealed in time. You flip it over and get your lucky numbers and decide to play the lottery. (Don’t lie, you’ve done it) Later that evening you’re winding down and checking emails, updating facebook, tweeting, and decide to read your horoscope (just for fun you say). The horoscope says, your fortune revealed part of the mystery, but time is longer than you think. Go about your evening with caution. Refuse to chatter and stay focused for you will experience misfortune in the days ahead.  By this time you’re doubtful and truly have forgotten what God said earlier.

Do you remember? I know you had to go back and reread it; but that’s how easily we can be distracted with the simplest things. 

God says, ” You can have whatever you like. Everything you’ve seen in your visions is already yours.  It has manifested in the spiritual realm and now awaits to manifest in the earthly realm or your natural reality. This is all tied into your belief, your trust, and your power to believe in the unseen. You have gotten the seed  planted but you’ve yet to water it. Don’t allow thorns and thistles to grow next to the seed of promise for this will wreak havoc and cause a delay. You must not fear or become easily distracted by the things seen for that is ONLY temporary and a huge distraction in itself.  Your real reality is in your creation and belief. Your visions and dreams are the real you. What you say is yours so speak wisely and have great understanding.  You can have whatever you like!”

I spoke, “God, who needs luck when I have unprecedented favor?  Who needs Ms. Cleo to tell me my future when it’s up to me to speak it into existence? Why pay 99 cents for the first minute when I can call you for free and don’t have to wait for an available line?  Why would I need a magical cloth or sacred jewels for my life to be what I’ve dreamed when I have a powerful weapon called the Bible?  Why would I go so far as to believe in the power of the stars, moon and sun but not in the power of the creator of such things?  It’s backwards to believe in that which is seen and not in the unseen.  All things seen NOW has manifested from that which was UNSEEN (vision) first.”

God replied…. “Now you got it!” 

You have to realize that greatness lives on the inside of YOU!  That is considered the unseen, but  when you activate it thru belief and power; the unseen is now visible for all to see!  Your word for today….

To see it NOW was only because of “The Power Of Belief In the Unseen”! “Stop doubting yourself!!!  Let me SEE the UNSEEN because that’s reality!”

Much Love,

Tracy B


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