Why so quiet!

It’s Friday and as so many say,,,It’s the weekend baby! I want to start off with a toast so raise your glasses high. I know it’s rather early for the drink so lift your coffee mugs (with secret sauce) high and toast to love, laughter and prosperity! I’ll drink to that YEAHHHH!

I’m rather excited today. I have much to do and little time to do it, but it will get done.  Did you get that?  lol-

God never cease to amaze me.  I’m always in awe of something done no matter how big or small.  Each day it appears I get more followers and for that I am extremely excited. It’s not an astronomical number but it’s a number.  I don’t despise small beginnings, I challenge them to become overwhelming endings! (Tracy B) don’t try to steal my wisdom, it’s inside of me.  You can pull it out, but you can’t steal it.  God has this just for me!

Lately I’ve been reading the Forbes Magazine. I’m intrigued with how well the rich live, the exotic resorts, the best places to wine and dine and what they are paying to be there.  While I was thumping thru the pages I came across the beautiful Rosewood resort in Jumby Bay, Antigua and almost passed out at the sight.  It was truly immaculate and serene but strangely felt like home. A particular picture caught my eye and my jaw dropped.

“Could it be, that can’t be from my vision” I asked God aloud. “This can’t be the same picture I tried to draw months ago in my daily journal.  This place is beautiful God and I can see myself sitting there sipping lemonade and sweet tea mixed. I envisioned this so many years ago and it’s right here before my eyes. God, the rooms are 1000 to 6000 sq ft. They even have a slipper tub in the outside courtyard suite.  The water looks pure and perfect. The pool house looks like you can hold a wedding ceremony in it.  The beach is so breath-taking and the bar area looks like I could host the best parties.  This place is simply gorgeous and so out of my price range but yet I saw myself there living!” I stopped spinning and dancing when I thought of the pricing. Then God spoke…

“You are the apple of my eye. There is no good thing I will with hold from you. I gave you the vision and provisions to see it manifest.  You just said you have a FATHER who can negotiate for you and I’ve already paved the way.  Do you trust I can get you to the promise?”

I sat in silence and smiled… “My Father God, I completely trust you! Let’s go to the land of milk and honey and I will write my heart of compassion to your people. I will minister thru words and songs as you instruct, but first tell me how I’m going to get there”


Much Love,

Tracy B


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