Millionaire or Nothing

I can not believe what just happened.  I wrote my blog for the day and when I went to upload pictures the entire blog disappeared.  Now this site usually saves the draft without me even hitting save but today it did no such thing.  All the writing is GONE!!!!!! I don’t even remember what I said but it was a great read.  I’m just sick to my stomach now, but I will redo this once again. God why are you testing me so early in the morning…ugh!!! Before I digress let me just start writing my thoughts.

Anyways, my children are my blessings from God and I love them daily but like them barely.  They are often unteachable when they go thru the phase of thinking they know everything.  I remember being a teenager who thought my mother didn’t know much too, so I’m trying to handle them with patience and not pistols.  Ok, I know it’s just me because y’all children are perfect.  They listen and hold on to your every word and make no mistakes.  It’s just my children who go out and experience the world instead of listening to wisdom and learning from others experiences. I know it’s me who would rather handle them with crowbars than with care! LOL…. Needless to say they can drive me bananas at times, but I love them with all my being.

Over the weekend, the children (2 teenagers) and I were looking thru the Forbes Magazine list of the highest paid Blacks in America and of course Oprah Winfrey and Bob Johnson (former CEO of BET) topped the list but that list was BILLIONAIRES. It wasn’t too many on that list that I know.  So we went down the list of MILLIONAIRES.  I wanted to see if the ones they adored, the braggers, the flossers, even made it to the top 5.  Just as I suspected they were not even in the top 25 but I was surprised to see P. Diddy ranking as high as he did (right at 5).  He ranked over JayZ and Beyonce but Will Smith topped them all.  So, with Will ranking as high as he did we decided to go to the list of children.  Can you believe Jaden and Willow Smith were amongst the highest paid and at MILLIONAIRE status?  This is when the conversation took a spin.

I couldn’t believe they had money like that based off of their OWN doings. Who would pay Jaden millions, he aint Will? I spoke aloud to no one in particular. Then my son chimed in..

“Momma, the money Jaden made off Karate Kid for just starring in the role was 1.2 million.  This was established during negotiations.”

“Now why would they pay him that much and he is not even established yet?  He only played in a few movies and yes those movies made millions but for him to go thru the doors hollering he want millions is not gonna happen son”

My daughter chimed in,  “Well it happened because he is on this list as well as Willow.  I guess she is on it for her music because she hasn’t played in that many movies”

My son decided it was time to give me an example so that I can have a better understanding of things.  “Momma, ok, so Jaden walks in the audition, nails it, gets the part, starts negotiations and the director says you’re asking for too much.  Jaden then says, do you know who I am? Do you know who my father is? I will just have my daddy come and negotiate my terms”

Once my son made that statement I began to smirk as they both knew the conversation was heading right where I wanted it.  So they both looked at me with wonder of what smart remark was coming next.  I simply stated for my son to repeat what he just said so that he could hear himself.  Once he repeated it they both knew where it was going.

“Momma, my daughter chimed, why does everything have to be about God? I already know what you finna say, but …..

I stopped her in mid-sentence and asked them both a question. “So you’re saying to me that because of their daddy’s status they pretty much can negotiate about anything?  They can demand millions because of who their father is?”  They both answered yes….

“So if that’s the case, why aren’t we millionaires?  Do you know who our  daddy is? Our Father is ruler of ALL. He is Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end,  the first and last, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  He has given us dominion over this earth and here we are being paid like servants; better yet, peasants. Why haven’t we demanded our millions here on this earth? Why have we settled for what the director has offered and not brought our FATHER to negotiate on our behalf? Why can’t we be on this list with the BILLIONAIRES AND MILLIONAIRES? What is our excuse? Do you know who our daddy is?

They both said in unison, “Momma, we know what you’re saying but its different.”

“Oh really! I asked…. What’s the difference?”

Much Love,

Tracy B


4 thoughts on “Millionaire or Nothing

  1. Kathy Brown

    The different my child, we know who our Father is, but do we trutly believe He can do the same for us as He had done for other? Sometime, God have to teach us how to handle the “BLESSING” before He gives us the “BLESSING.”

    If He give it to us before we are ready, it can rep habit to our lives. Hold on our time is nearer than we think. Just TRUST Our GOD, who is our everthing, He knows just what we need and when to give it to up. The word states He rain on the just as well as the unjust. That was not a test this morning, God was not ready for that information to be reveal. No matter what happen in life, try to fine the positiveness in it. As you grow you will understand what I am saying.

    Love you

    Kathy Brown

    • speakingup4me

      I believe God can do all things for us, to us and thru us, and with that being said I should be a millionaire to say the least. My Father owns it all and there is no good thing He will withhold from me.
      The difference between Will Smith and God is tangibility. We can see Will and therefore believe he is able to make negotiations, we can’t physically see God so we fear and take flight, thus making us hundrednaires….LOL

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