Friday’s Friction-

The righteous perish, and no one ponders it in his heart; devout men are taken away, and no one understands that the righteous are taken away to be spared from evil.  Those who walk uprightly enter into peace; they find rest as they lie in death. (Isiah 57)

“Why that scripture? Why on today you wish to give me an answered prayer? I’m not upset with you answering, but just a little upset with the answer. So you’re saying to me my mother was uprooted from the land of the living  to be spared from the evil of this world?  That doesn’t make any logical sense too me.   Don’t you know how many evil battles she’s fought and y’all won? Don’t you know how many times she’s repaid evil with kindness and y’all won? Don’t you know how many evil deeds I’d thought I’d gotten away with only for my mother to kindly reveal my secret and y’all won? What evil could possible come her way that she had to be spared from? I figured as long as she walked with you NO EVIL could overtake her POWER thru you. Can’t you see how confusing this is? She never went into battle with evil without having good present. You’ve just confused me.”  I said as I sat upright in bed waiting for my answer.

God spoke, ” I never said evil was coming her way.  I said she was spared from evil.  The enemy seeks to kill, steal, and destroy.  Those are his evil plans.  I come to give life and give it abundantly, to the full, bubbly and running over with nothing but goodness.  Those are my good plans. He wanted to take her life but no man I’ve created can take anything they haven’t designed. I took her before death could.   I spared her from evil.  She is resting from earthly duties for her heavenly work has now began.  This is the biggest battle she will ever face.  It’s huge and intense but she has reinforcement; ME! She is fighting this battle for her family’s position. Get in line!”  

God gives us the answers, it’s up to us to LISTEN, LEARN and LET GO! Trust HE knows BEST and ONLY the BEST will do!

Much Love,

Tracy B


Tough it out Thursday!

So you’re HERE NOW faced with your PRESENT and it’s advising you to step over into the FUTURE  and grab hold tight.  You’re all in but discovered as you got closer  there’s that one thing you dare not cross.  However it’s the only way you can get to the future.  It’s a narrow path and a route of abundant surprises.  Surely, you can try to go aboard and it even looks easier, but in the end you still have to face the one thing you dare not cross.

I was chatting with a friend and we discovered some road kill fears or creatures of attack we dare not cross.  I said I couldn’t cross a possum. Just the thought of the shape and size makes me itch and cringe as I write. LOL! There’s no way that thang and I are coming within inches of each other.  It’s hideous! I dare not cross that, but God quickly gave me an AHAAA moment. I though what if it’s an emergency & that was my only way.  Would I cross it?  Would you?

“If it’s your way of getting thru to your destiny would you cross it?”

I said God yes, ‘I’ve faced BIGGER giants and they were all playing possum right before the situation blew up and attacked.  I’ve even tangled with the possum that has camouflaged talents. It appeared as one thing, adapted well, but then the light shined and revealed the true identity.’  Have you faced this possum too?  If it’s just me it’s cool.  Y’all know by now I don’t mind speaking up 4 me!

Here’s your word for Tough it out Thursday-

Don’t be fearful, you’ve faced this before. It’s only playing possum. After all, God placed possums under your feet. STOMP!and walk into your BLESSED future. It’s your destiny to do so!

Much Love,

Tracy B

Going Through -Ying & Yang style

This is all so new for me.  Have you ever tried to listen when your mind is constantly running in different directions? It’s really hard to hear anything.  Even with your lips tightly sealed and ears unplugged you will still hear nothing if your mind doesn’t quiet down.

I’ve tried gaining insight on loads of information knowing it has to get better than this present situation and circumstance.  Now I understand ALL things work together for my good but it feels horrible.  I also understand that I should not worry or be anxious about anything but in all things be thankful.  I get all of this but for some reason I’m unable to hear or gain clarity of any of it due to my mind’s constant flow.

I wish I had an off switch with my mind. Do you know how many worthless conversations I would have never heard? LOL I don’t think I would have ever experienced heart-break, grief, anger, or anything else that takes me out of my peace.  I would simply identify the situation and then turn all switches to OFF.

It’s unfortunate in the sense that you don’t have a choice in the matter, but it’s actually a great thing when you take time to see the BIG picture of it all. We so often expect miracles without putting in the work.  We want the perfect man/woman to enter our lives but we don’t want to experience the imperfection per say. We want folk to live forever with us even if they’re suffering because we don’t want to experience all the facets of a situation or circumstance.

You can’t respect or identify love without knowing hate.  You can’t recognize good without evil.  You can’t respect and keep riches without experiencing poverty.  You can’t appreciate life and living until you’re unafraid of the inevitable death that comes to all of us at some point in life.  I know that I can’t have peace until I’ve first had disturbance.  It’s time like this when I have to decide what is real and what is mayhem.  I want God’s best for me, so I’m going through the worst to get it so I can be appreciative to it! All things don’t happen this way, but I want something BIG from God so I have to go thru the small obstacles!!!!

I’ve said all of this to say;

Go through your situation knowing all things are working together for your good. You asked for it, now go get it! Stop praying for God to do something you can very well do yourself. God works when you put in the work. Get busy!!

Much Love,

Tracy B

Wise Sayings (Reblogged)

I love the word of God and all of its benefits.  For in reading the word (Bible) you find it to be alive if you apply it.  I also love wisdom, knowledge, and understanding and found Proverbs to be a great asset in my life when it comes to such things.

I would like to share some of my favorite scriptures with you.  I’m sure you will get a kick out of how God revealed these scriptures to me.

In all labor there is profit, BUT idle chatter leads only to poverty. (Don’t just talk about it, do the work and see a profit!)

Whoever love instruction loves knowledge, BUT he who hates correction is stupid. (It’s okay to be wrong sometimes, but learn the lesson to avoid repeating the test, anything less than that is stupid!)

A talebearer  reveals secrets, BUT he who is of a faithful spirit conceals a matter. (Shut up!)

Anxiety in the heart of man causes depression, BUT a good word makes it glad. (Stop worrying and start trusting!)

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, BUT fools despise wisdom and instruction. (Don’t be unteachable thinking you know everything; that’s just foolish!)

He who walks in integrity walks securely, BUT he who perverts his ways will become known. (What’s done in the dark will ALWAYS come to the light! You can’t hide it forever.)

A man’s gift makes room for him AND brings him before great men. (Discover your gift, work your gift and watch your gift work for you!)

These are just some of my favorite LIVE BY scriptures. I teach these to my children and pray they apply it to their lives. I can’t make them wise but I can lead them to knowledge and understanding.  It’s up to you what you do with what you have.

I’m getting mine daily. GET YOURS!

Much Love,

Tracy B

I feel good, get offended!

Now it’s time to ease your mind so hear me as I say… Life’s not always down you see Yeahhhhh

If the sun refuse to shine and all your skies are gray…. just sing this simple melody.

I feel good and I know it, don’t hate me if I show it…

The joy I feel on the inside will show up on the outside.

My hands go up and I praise Him… you know I gotta thank Him.

The happiness in my life today it wont be denied..And I feel good!!!!!

If you’re feeling good like me gone and show it. Everything is NOT perfect but I know God is guiding me thru it all.

“Don’t worry if others look at you crazy, that’s their issue. Trust me completely because I know the way!” God whispered when I rested my mind long enough to hear. 

When you’re feeling bad you show it and don’t mind others seeing it.  When God decides to bless us we tend to hide it because we don’t want to offend others.  Well get offended because God has blessed and He has plenty to go around!!! Get your happy self up and dance with me!


Don’t live to please others, just live for God.  Your happiness and peace of mind depends on it!

Much Love,

Tracy B


Hold your glasses up and toast with me!

I’ve talked long enough. I want to hear what you have to say… It’s Friday and I’m chilling.  Not worrying, only rejoicing.  Not complaining only counting my blessings.  Not fearful, only courage and powerful! Not blind but surely I can see!

Put your glasses up and toast with me to NEW beginnings, PAST exposed and FORGIVEN, FUTURE blessings and prosperity! Now who don’t wanna drink to that??? AAAHHHHHH YEAHHHHHH

If you ashamed of your beginning you can’t reach the perfect ending! Get free NOW

Much Love,

Tracy B

Art found on google!

If and Then!

What can I say…. I’ve become a fan of flea markets.  I don’t expect a miracle in abundant cash but I have met miracles each Saturday I’ve attended.   I’ve walk around and seen people making beautiful jewelry right on the spot. What woman you know doesn’t like custom-made jewelry.  It’s a miracle! Another lady made antique queen sofa’s and chair coverings for your tissue box holder or whatever.  It’s beautifully breathtaking. I walked more and discovered a woman making candle holders out of shoes.  Oh wow, I thought. I love candles and shoes and to combine the two and add your creative mind is a miracle!! I had to have one. There’s another lady who has a design that I know is going to make her millions.  It holds pens, eyeglasses, and anything else you think of sticking in your top pocket; and it’s no bigger than the pink ribbon pendant for cancer. The things I’ve seen are nothing short of miracles. There are so many more I could name but these ladies found the talent literally in their hands and I was able to relate on another level.  It’s also great for networking and I meet interesting people constantly approaching my booth.

I understand that everyone coming over to my booth is really not interested in my product but more so interested in what I have to say.  They will purchase something by the time they leave is my thought. I will make certain of that.  Now it may not be my book but it will be something significant.  I don’t boast of me but of the infirmities that provide me a testimony and a smile.  There’s no reason for me to be ashamed or disgraced over my past, failures, tragedies.  There’s no reason for me to fear.  God has advised I be courageous through it all and that is what I will do and that is what I share to all that find me interesting enough to stop.

From time to time there is that someone who comes by your table and they spark something in you.  Their passion and zeal for life seems to jump off of them onto you and before you know it you’re headed in the right direction.  I was fortunate enough to experience that twice last Saturday.  The first was this older gentleman who found me intriguing and decided to stop by.  I went into my spill after introducing myself as he patiently waited for me to finish. Once I was done he told me about the if and then factor of the bible.  I listened intently and told him I knew exactly what he was speaking of and very much agree. We even spewed out a few scriptures to back us up. LOL! He  advised most folk didn’t get it but I had a hard time believing that.  I thought to myself they have to know you can’t expect something without doing nothing. The gentleman and I laughed some more and he went about his way never purchasing a book, but walking away with something significant.

The next lady that approached my table came thru referral.  Aint that something?! LOL- She was told by two women who’d stopped by earlier that she needed to come by and hear what I had to say.  So she came by and it was the lady who have the million dollar creation. She said “I know you, I’ve seen you the last time”.  I agreed and went into my spill of the book.  My first priority is to endorse my product!. After hearing what I had to say  she told me she now understood why the ladies told her to come over.  She began by telling me to “let it go in my heart”  to let the pain go so that God can feel that void, that darkness, that trust issue. She then began telling me her testimony and the dream she had which sound like a dream I had. Once I told her I had a similar dream I felt it!

Pooooooowwwwwww, Ziiiiiiiiipppppppp, Heat came all over my body and a surge of energy and emotions shot thru me.  She said Wuuuuhhhh did you feel that.. I assured her I did but I was holding back tears and slow with my speech. There was that much-needed spark I’ve prayed for.  However, I’ve been going thru hell ever since but I am staying at the potter’s wheel and allowing Him to make me over again.

As I read my bible today I thought of the older gentleman and my conversing of the if and then.  I decided to read the scriptures and interpret who He’s talking too and with just those words and this is what it said…Galatians 3: 26-29) then Galatians 4: 1-7

You are all sons, you are all one.  If you are Christ’s, then you are Abraham’s seed and heirs

Because you are sons, God has sent the Spirit of His Son into your hearts. If a son, then an heir of God through Christ!

Read the scriptures entirely, but when you think about it the real meaning lies in the if and then! You gotta give something to get something!

Much Love,

Tracy B

Art by different talented artist. I don’t take any credit for the work above. Only used as a form of  expression!

It’s Raining!


I’m up early because I’ve had enough sleep.  The events of the days prior was enough reason to not shut my eyes. I definitely want to stay in the flow of God’s righteousness, bask in His presence, rest on His bosom, and allow His will to be done in my life.  However, it’s hard to do when your mind is everywhere.  I guess that’s why God says to keep your mind stayed on Him so that you can experience perfect peace.

Being a mother takes guts, some staying power, unconditional loving, but more importantly it takes courage.  You can’t operate in fear and find favor with God.  You can’t live in lies and expect to reap victory.  You can’t manipulate and expect blessed manifestation.  This is what I tell my children and what I expect to see operating in their lives. We have to show our children support in every situation. Love can’t end when they make a mistake.  If that were the case we’d all lack love in our lives.

I’ve never been married but I can tell you all about commitment.  In fact, being a mother is like a marriage.  The vows say thru good & bad, sickness & health, poverty and riches….etc…which is what I feel mothers do everyday, even when dad runs out!

I need guidance today.  I need direction.  I need your sincere prayers.  I know God works ALL things together for our good and He is working things out as we speak.  I can’t get caught up with the smoke & trick mirrors of the enemy.  He has started a WAR and yall this battle aint easy. I don’t have any fighting power left in me so I’m leaning on Jesus to secure my foundation. Pray for me as I pray for you!

To God be the glory for all things.

Much Love,

Tracy B

Art work by (images found on Google)


Silence! – I’m trying to get closer

Some days it’s just great to be silent.  This is one of those days I will sit in the peace & comfort of God!

You can come with me if you like… Imagine sitting in this place

and listening to this song  

Tell me what you’ve experienced.

Much Love,

Tracy B