Dumb Stuff People Do and Say (bonus)

I had to sneak in some extra blog time so that I can share with y’all some of the things that come across my mind.  Since this has been an Are You For Real Friday,’ I wanted to follow-up with the dumb stuff people do and say.  It had me laughing so hard while driving.  I replayed some of the dumb things folk have done and even  myself.  Thinking of these event I just couldn’t stop laughing.  Laughter is such good medicine for the spirit/soul and Lord knows I could use some.  After having a great laugh I thought I’d extend the laughter medication to you.

Now this medicine comes with a warning and side effects.  I have listed some for your review:

ADDICTING, can cause cramps,  shortness of breath, weak bladder, runny eyes, highly contagious, jumbles speech, and some have been known to pass out.  Laughter if taken as prescribed can cure most illnesses.  However, if overdose should occur please spread it!!!

This is some of the dumb stuff people say and do (me included,,but I wont tell which one I did) *wink


1.While conversing on your cell phone;  “Aye, let me call you right back, I gotta find my cell phone so I can make this quick run”  Caller says, “Huh, well what you talking on?”

2. While talking with a friend; “Girl let me tell you the crazy stuff that went down the other night. You will not believe how things turned out”

Friend says, “Let me take off my glasses so I can hear this.  I don’t wanna miss anything”

You, “So taking off your glasses makes you hear better?”

Friend says, “What you mean by that?”

3. I need to clean this paper off.

Person…. Get’s up goes to sink, squeeze dish washing liquid on paper, runs water on paper, and begins to scrub the paper clean….

Me, “So what happens when you need to clean your mouth?”

4. While reading a magazine;  You, “Where are my glasses so  I can read these articles” Begin to do the chest pat down, look thru pockets, feel and pat the top of your head, pats down chest one last time.  Looks back at magazine and decide you will read the articles with or without the glasses; it seems pretty clear anyway. It finally dawns on you, you are wearing the glasses.

5. “Hey, I need $20 on pump 3.  Yes that car right there sir. Thank you, have a good night”.  Goes back to the car, starts engine and peels off.  One block later you realize you never got the gas….  

This is some of the things that made me laugh today.  One of them actually happened today.  I couldn’t do anything but laugh and say …. Are you for real??? LOL!!


You can add some things to the list that you or someone you know might have done that you think was just dumb… C’mon make me laugh some more… I’m trying to overdose so I can spread it….

Much Love,

Tracy B



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