Thinking Thursday- Advice please

Now I was motivated Monday, tested Tuesday, wilding out on Wednesday so let’s see what today unfolds.

There are those days in life when you begin to wonder if the path you’re taking is a path at all. Not to sound defeated but to just be real with you.  Can I just talk to you?  It’s a thinking Thursday afternoon. That’s what I will call it *thinking Thursday*.   One of my thought’s this thinking Thursday…..

I wonder sometimes if this blog is my idea or if I truly heard from God.  Sounds double minded right? I know, but yet my actions are still writing this blog.  My mind is saying and thinking all sorts of things but my spirit is yet sitting here doing what I believe I should be.  With that being said I’m trying to find direction with the blog and I need some advice please…

I love to see people uplifted, encouraged, inspired, and laughing.  In other words from day-to-day I am unsure of what I will say. I don’t want to be listed as just a blogger for inspiration, or comedy; basically I don’t want a particular audience. I’m not trying to be just a particular genre..I wish to reach just one, thru millions, by all means.

Now that’s thinking outside the box…lol!

I don’t even know if you all find me interesting enough to comment but I do appreciate you taking time to read what I have to say.  Seriously, thank you!-) The blog is titled Speakingup4me but I’m constantly thinking about what I want to call it so that you all know it’s me everyday. Reality TV… Tracy style(lol) Now that’s a thought. Then I think…  Should I even give this such thought?

Key thing I learned in Business Management class is great leaders are often chosen for promotion based on how well they can follow. Key thing I learned in life is I follow great leaders based off direction.  You have to know where you’re going if you want me to follow.

I read and follow blogs.  I know the direction in which they are leading; thus the reason I follow! But me, I am all over the place…  How can I  pin point a particular phrase that says it all?  The umbrella that houses or says it all. I hope this makes sense to you

I wish to lead you on the journey of me.  Allow you to sneak peek some of my letters to God the Almighty.  Hear a couple of my confessions while laughing at a lot of my mistakes. Inspire you thru songs and poems that stems best in heartache.  Let you hear & read the excerpt of the new book of Stranjay’s Revenge on Love.  Encourage and uplift you thru Godly wisdom from above.  There are so many things I wish to say, do, blog, post… Please help me solve the mystery of this key phrase for all my followers….

For I only wish to reach just one, thru millions, by all means.  What do you think sounds good?

Much Love,

Tracy B


4 thoughts on “Thinking Thursday- Advice please

  1. Shay Herring

    Just write about how you are feeling.

    Also, pray and ask GOD to guide you in the direction he has chosen for your site to go. Then WAIT for an answer, but in the meanwhile just write about how your life experiences, your growth.



  2. Ajamet

    I have been reading all your blogs, but haven’t had time to comment until now. I only have one question??? What is wrong with how it’s titled now? When God allowed you to start this blog it was to speak out for misunderstood & people who are going through real life situations that are keeping them bound. I love the name you started it under and it fits ur character, determination & defines ur personality…food 4 thought…so, is God urging u to change the blog or is it self??? Keep blogging til ur blessings flow. Ajamet…

    • speakingup4me

      I don’t wish to change the name … I only wanted to make additions to it…. but I have thought of something else I can do. For each week I wish to feed you all something different and I’m thinking of just placing in parenthesis what the particular week will be about. LOL…. I’m looking for a fresh anointing to give to fresh folk!!!!

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