Testing Tuesday!

It’s Tuesday, though it’s not as chaotic as yesterday, it’s still as testing.  As a matter of fact that’s the best word to describe the things going on this day.  Let me explain mine and you can share your testing Tuesday with me -)

Seek peace and pursue it with all your might, for that leads to favor and long-lasting life!

This statement is so much easier read than actually walked out.  Maybe it’s just me, but I have found it often times to hold my peace let alone seek it.  I actually found it more worthy to speak my peace, how bout that!! LOL-  I found it very difficult at times to hold information I knew was damaging to someone who has crossed me  and that I didn’t really consider a friend.  I wanted to let them have a piece of my mind and some of this venom spewing from the well that never runs dry when I feel it’s time for war in verbal confrontation.. Surely, I can’t be the only one?  This tongue can be a weapon of mass destruction when someone attacks the very things you love.  None of us stand powerless in that situation 😉 I’ve said all of that to say the statement or declaration made earlier is much easier read than actually walked out.

I call today a day of testing due to the things my flesh and spirit battled over.  There use to be a time when I felt defeated, like I would just be this way forever.  Almost like a thorn in my side, a permanent scar and situation.  However, I dare you to change that thought to the opposite (Positive) and stay focused on that! I guarantee you will have a change of heart and mind as well.  Now there are those days when defeat tries to rear its ugly head and this is one of those days.  

It seems I have been in war ever since my feet touched the floor.  It  feels as if the heels of my feet are bruised.  I felt little bite marks and scratches while walking today but I didn’t stop walking.  So in my travel, still having the heels of my feet bruised and scared, I’m crushing the head of this thing that’s under me. Once today I stumbled and looked to the left just for a second, but God told me to look straight ahead.  It was only a glance, but the thought I had infuriated and charged heat to rush from my heels to my toes then flowing like hot larva up to my ankles this rage traveled and was determined to reach its destination of the mind.  I couldn’t believe how fast that negative energy was traveling.  I quickly changed my thought, look straight ahead, stomp a little, then I noticed it.  Each time I stomped  something was squashing under my feet, so I kept stomping and squashing.

God said, ” Say what you want to say. Get it out! I already know what you’re thinking.  It will make you feel so much better to speak your peace to me then to let loose and look foolish.  Go ahead, I’m listening.” 

Of course I went full-fledged with the thoughts running thru my mind.  I said everything I was thinking and I meant everything. I knew I could trust God with my most intimate details and he wont reveal anything.  This I know is factual, you should really find this out for yourself.  He is so worth the risk!!! Once again, I digressed, but this is a good one! OK

So as I finally took a breath from saying all my piece of mind, God spoke His peace.

“So what if all of that is going on, does it make any difference to you? After all don’t you say you don’t want this or that, so should anything that you don’t want matter so much?  Really, where are you with this? Do you even know? I do!!”

Once again, I had to digest the words of my Father God and seek the answers to all the questions asked of me.  In doing that I noticed I was seeking PEACE and pursuing it with all my might. I wanted to know why I was tripping off of the very things I say I despise.,, hmm really. I was stomped, and so I stomped again.  This time the little bite and scratches I felt earlier on the heels of my feet had almost diminished in power; I hardly felt anything.  For my spirit wishes to win each battle of the mind; but the flesh is at war.  However, because I’m seeking God (who is LOVE, peace, and soul*wink*) with all my might my spirit is being fed and has defeated  the flesh in this battle on this testing Tuesday.  

We fight battles daily.  It seems we’re always being attacked.  In some ways that is true, but our biggest attackers are within.  Fight the battle within your own lions.  Seek peace within, pursue it with all your might, for in doing so you will obtain favor with both God and man!

Today I choose to seek peace and pursue it with all my might.  I walk in favor as I do peace.


Much Love,

Tracy B


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