I’m not Impressed

Does it drive you crazy when someone is so heavenly bound they are no earthly good? Let me give you  an example… You call them up just to say hi but before you can even speak they’ve answered the phone with 12 thank you Jesus’s, 4 God is my salvation and 1 Aww hell it’s just you when they give you time to finally speak!! LOL- trust me I know some folk like this.

I have no problems with being sold out for Jesus, laying it on the line for God and falling out in faith! Do your thang but don’t annoy others with it. You can’t brow beat Jesus into someone’s life, that only turns them off even more.  I personally believe to have to wear the T-shirt, banner, broadcast so folk can see you love GOD is really no love at all.  When its real you don’t have to say it because others can SEE it all over you, around you, in you, not just ON YOU! It’s our confession that saves us, but it’s our RELATIONSHIP and LIFESTYLE that keeps us saved.

My friend came to GA to visit.  We went to the Underground and shopped for little items, nothing big because my pockets aint BIG yet, but I still shopped.  We went to the food court and battled for a moment between the different selections of food to choose from before finally making a selection.  As I stood there waiting to order I felt a tap on my shoulders. I turned to see a beautiful black homeless woman (with flawless make-up) asking me to get her some food.  My friend looked at me, shook her head and then walked away. I did what was asked of me and conversed with the lady.  I started to get aggravated because I couldn’t eat my food and talk so I just wrapped it up and told the nice lady to enjoy her day.  As my friend and I began to exit a homeless guy yelled out to me and asked if I had anything to spare. I only had the food I couldn’t eat because of all the talking so I gave him that and he told me to follow my heart at all times irregardless to what others may have to say.  Just then my friend began to scream for me to hurry and quit giving away everything.  I laughed and advised her I would hurry along.  The guy and I laughed about things, said our goodbyes and I got in the car to drive off.

As I was about to pull off my friend says “Tracy, how did that lady know to come to you for help? All the people up in here she came to you.  Well, I guess she knows a fool when she sees one.  Then you giving your food away to this man! Girl, they got the right one cuz I wouldn’t have done it!”.  Little did she know that actually blessed my spirit to hear her say those words.  I smiled because it triggered God’s word in me, I thought silently “God says you will know the tree by the fruit it bears” what kind of fruit am I bearing????

During our drive to the next place she began to tell me how her first impression of me was I was weird and used too many colors when I dress. She said my conversation was kinda borderline loony. Then she said and NONE of that has changed except I now understand. It was my weird personality and cynical conversation, and the GOD in me that made her cling to me for all these years!! She said no matter what popped Saturday night I knew you were gonna get up Sunday and go to church. Now some can say this is FAKE and you can’t really be a Christian and have a life LOL!! Whatever, it’s my relationship with GOD that makes the difference in me, not MAN or what they think, get it, got it..good…lets move on!

Anyways, our conversation made me finally see that folk can SEE the GOD in me and it’s nothing I have to SHOUT OUT everyday, all day! I don’t want to just love God on Facebook and send him a shout out on Twitter, maybe give GOD praises on LinkedIn but my desire is that what’s on the inside is displayed on the outside and folk recognize and GOD answered my prayer!

I said all of this to say you don’t have to brow beat to me or anyone else how much you LOVE GOD…WE hear you love HIM, you’ve said it enough to us, but have you TOLD and SHOWED GOD lately???

Tracy B


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