A Second of Positivity

I’ve seen better days, but each day I count as a blessing!

I’ve done more, but this time of solace and silence is where GOD wants me.

Sometimes you just have to encourage yourself.  You notice the negative thoughts seems to come first in the mind, but (you have to add the but) tell yourself what will and will not be for you this day.  One of my goals is to stay positive and immediately remove negativity far from me.  It doesn’t matter how or what form the negativity comes in ,,, the fact is I have to MAKE myself refuse to give in.  Sounds crazy to MAKE yourself think and feel positive but I dare you to try it and see how hard it really is.  Just as soon as you go about your day smiling someone will get triggered to piss you off!!! Then it seems as though your day just goes downhill from there! Happens every time… It’s all a TEST…. I am gonna pass this test by taking small baby steps…. I have to check up on myself every second to make sure I’m still doing what I am determined to do….

See, I am crazy enough to believe what GOD has promised me WILL happen and IS happening now, BUT (there goes the but again) it requires me to take baby steps to get to the ultimate destination of purpose and prosperity!

Stay positive second by second… A minute is too much at times!!! Be determined to climb higher!


Tracy B


2 thoughts on “A Second of Positivity


    I agree with you on the positive thinking aspect of life…it took alot of angry, self enraged moments to get here but now that i am here…I try to stay in this place BUT it is not easy but well worth it. I try not to draw in other people’s negativity because it will impact your day and turn your positive into a negative real quick. I live my life one milisecond at a time because nothing is promised…UNLESSED AUTHORIZED BY GOD!!! In my positive moments of life I appreciate everything and everyone in their perspective places (even my enemies). I have learned to relish the haters and nay-sayers because I use their negative energies for my positive good and guess what??? IT WORKS. i have a tendancy to put a negative spin on my own life sometimes not believing that I can live up to what God expects of me, instead of knowing that if he put me somewhere; he has given me the means to develop right there. I surround myself with positive people who have positive aura and purpose which makes my journey less stressful for the victory…Keep seeking the HEART OF GOD AND IF YOU’RE BLESSED YOU WILL FIND YOUR OWN HEART…AJAMET…BLOG ON MY PEOPLE AND HAVE A GREAT DAY…

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