Today I have so much going on mentally.  Not unstable, focused, not indecisive, just thinking a lot about the birth that’s about to take place.  I don’t know if any of you have ever felt pregnant with a dream, an idea, an unexpected blessing or favor…. Well that is what I am experiencing.  Even with all the hell around me I can still manage to say Thank You LORD!!!

My sister sent me an email earlier regarding how we get upset when our day is ruined, our timing is thrown off, our coffee spills, our heel brake on the brand new pair of shoes, everybody on the highway driving slow, you know things like that just sets a person OFF!! I know it has set me off on many occasions and I would get upset and the LAST thing I would do is PRAY.  Sure, I’d call Jesus but it will be right before saying words like this man is crazy, or this woman done cut me off and Jesus if you don’t I will. LOL!!! I know I aint the only one that has done this… but I don’t mind being the only one speaking up 4 me and you!!!  Somebody’s gotta do it…and it might as well be me since I’m so outspoken anyways…. Ok,,, enough with that…

So I continued reading the email and God finally answered after a series of why this , what about that, and how come this…. The answer was so simple… God said I ALLOWED all of that to happen to KEEP you safe from unforeseen harm.  That really touched me in the inner most part (my spirit) and I had to agree. WE are quick to busy ourselves with all the tedious things of the day and when they don’t go as planned we feel under pressure, we panic, and finally we POP!!!! WE forget that NOTHING is a surprise to God.  He already know what the day will bring and so HE prepares a way by going before us.  He then instructs us to SEEK him, PRAY continuously, and BELIEVE with everything in you and ALL things shall be added to you!!!!  Well we ask GOD to protect and keep us right?  And we know HE ANSWERS prayers, so when you find your day going haywire don’t get upset and POP,,, that’s when you PRAISE and GIVE THANKS because GOD is doing exactly what you have asked….

My prayer for us all is that we FORGET yesterday,,, CAPTIVATE today,,,, and BE SURPRISED about tomorrow…. We can’t change yesterday ( I ain’t ever heard anyone pray and ask GOD to bless last week it don’t make no sense…so why live in something you can’t change? MOVE ON) We can learn from yesterday surely to make TODAY all that much sweeter….and what we do today will definitely determine how sweet TOMORROW will be!!!  Live for THIS DAY the LORD has made.  REJOICE and be glad in it!!!


Pray for one another and keep me lifted as well….. Until next blog Love ya!!!

Tracy B


One thought on “Prayer


    inspirational, uplifting, rejoice filled BLOG…keep lighting the fires of hope with the ILLUMINATION THAT GOD HAS ANOITED YOU WITH…God throws a series of things at us at one time to get us to look up, pray and give it all to him. Our finite minds make us believe that the things that are de-structing our lives are GOD’s punishment instead of his REWARD. I have learned to value each millisecond of my life because it is not promised. The events that changed after I began is God’s way of detouring me from self-destruction because i chose to do it my way…instead of following him. So, along my road of life i have been glad for the detours, wrong turns, missed stops and delays because through it all i made it right on GOD’s TIME…AJAMET 2/3/12

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