It’s time for a tune-up!!!! (Food for thought)

The most sacred place isn’t the CHURCH, the Mosque, or the temple-it’s the temple of the body!! That’s where the SPIRIT LIVES!!!!

Take a moment to check into your body.  Deeply inhale and exhale.  Let your mind flow through your body.  Check in on your feet, legs, hips. Let your mind roam your abdomen, your chest, your back.  Scan your neck, shoulders, arms. What are you feeling?  Fear, exhaustion, tension, anxiety, anger, guilt, shame?  Inhale and exhale.  Where are you feeling it? Legs, Back, Neck, Chest? Wherever it is, whatever it is, you are the ONLY mechanic who can fine-tune your body. With a simple breath you an release the stress and replace it with what you need.  Turn anxiety into peace, anger into joy, tension into love, fear into faith , guilt into trust!!!! Take a moment right now and give yourself a tune-up!!!!


When you’re in tune with your body you can relax and release the stress!!!!- Daily Meditation (ACTS OF FAITH) Iyanla Vanzant


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