2 Be or NOT 2 Be

I’m a newcomer to the game of blogging but no amateur in speaking up 4 me!! I’ve always had a natural knack for saying just what I felt anytime I felt it! the kind of attitude that folk loved and despised, sometimes at the same time.  Speaking up 4 me wasn’t always a pleasant experience, but was always the best thing to do.  My mouth has gotten me into trouble, serious trouble, but it has also kept me out of harms way!  I love to speak up 4 me, but of course y’all get that by now…. LOL!!!

OK, so I , through constructive criticism from MANY, have decided to change my approach and tact on the many ways to speak my mind without being  mean, rude, or nasty.  Let  me elaborate on the constructive criticism, IT WAS ALL POSITIVELY SPOKEN WITH LOVE AND GENERAL CONCERN FOR MY WELL BEING as an all around individual. So with that being said, I didn’t mind the intervention as long as it still afforded me the opportunity to speak up 4 me…. Whew baby I was glad of that!!!!

Now God created me to be bold and have no fear of anything or anyone, so I speak with AUTHORITY.  Nothing I say is meant to belittle anyone, anything, any cause, any situation, but it’s simply my thoughts, my opinion, my views, my perception, my advice, Ummm hello It’s MY BLOG!!!! LOL-  Give me a chance folk, come grow with me as God increases my greatness more and more, Follow/Subscribe, which-ever you wanna call it just do it!-) I love to offer you a different perspective and I don’t talk from always My, Me, I point of view, it’s the GOD in me that provides insight because my thinking can be limited at times.  However, I believe God uses our natural abilities to make room for little ole us in this BIG world! I don’t despise small beginnings I challenge them to become the maximum opportunity!

Today I just wanna speak from a place I don’t normally show to folk and that is my inner most guarded heart!!! In this time in my life I just believe in being true to self and others. If I can’t be real with me about me then who can I expect to believe in me! OK….here goes nothing….

I’m in love! OMGosh I’m in total love, I’ve freaking smitten I mean this is some agape type love here!! No games, tricks, manipulating the situation 4 what I can get! This is some love I have never experienced! Y’all I pray for him each night and thank God for our connection. This man is the truth.com!!!! It aint even about looks with him (but it does help that he’s sexy, tall and spiritual inclined)!! We’re both strong in faith and dominant in behavior, but underneath all the hard exterior we know each other are marshmallows) I love the heart of this man BUT-ugh,,,there goes that but; God is teaching me. School is in session and I’m forbidden to talk during the lessons. I was already warned after 3 strikes I’d face detention and will have to REPEAT cuz I can’t pass the test in detention! I’m on my 3rd strike so I gotta LISTEN!! The professor GOD keeps warning me the BIG picture is so much more than I can ever imagine but I gotta LET  it ALL go! And I aint even sure if the man I love is even in it……Well even with GOD I decided to speak up 4 me and ask why I can’t help to manifest the BIG picture? I figured with 2 working towards this goal it will go so much faster and smoother, BUT… there goes that but again; GOD said each time I tried helping the plan EPIC FAILED!! Now aint that something!!!  So on that note…. I decided this time around I will listen, learn, create, react, endure and finally PROSPER as GOD deems fit!!! but in the mean time and in between this waiting time what’s a girl to do????  Have you ever been here??? Can you relate at all?? Care to share your story???  I’d love to hear it “_)


2 thoughts on “2 Be or NOT 2 Be


    I’m in this place as well in my life and am not sure how I got here…i often wonder if i put myself here or if this was the path God chose for me in this lesson in my life. I love a man whom I’ve known a great portion of my life but to no avail we have both gone in different directions to come back to the same. I am not sure what i am suppose to do in this place and it sometimes becomes confusing because my flesh wants to walk away but my spirit commands that i “STAY”. I pray and asked God what am i to do? Why am i faced with this area of my life…are we just friends or is it more? I pray for him constantly even in my angry moments with him. His mouth is like your with “no filter” so i find my strength matching up with his on several occasions not caring of the outcome. Each and every time i say OK GOD you are truly testing me with this person. “God says “yeah i know but this is your position and i am not taking you out the game”. Play to win but don’t defeat because the victory is God’s and his alone. The test comes when we are obedient to what God needs us to do, even in our weakest state of mind. God sees things in me that i would have never considered in my own natural mind. So, now that i have vented i sit back and say “Thank You Lord for choosing me for this mission because prayerfully it is helping the person you have me connected with but it is also increasing my enduring faith in who you are!!! When we allow God to move the people in & out of our lives that will fulfill the mission he has in store for us; our Journies will be that much more prosperous in the end without all the confusion and turmoil that we tend to bring to our own situations…Stay Blessed…AJAMET 2/2/2012…KEEP BLOGGING IT’S FREEDOM TO THE SOUL…

    • speakingup4me

      Sounds like you are experiencing a similar situation, but thru it all we will continue to MOVE FORWARD and definitely stay OBEDIENT… for I do KNOW it is better than sacrifice. I’ve been back and forth multiple times, repeating this SAME test, but this time is different. I have positioned myself to get set up by God. I know this is where I am to be because like I said things just feel so natural for me. However, this is also uncomfortable because I have to sit back and allow others to analyze what I say and try to stay open to sometimes NEGATIVE thinkers….. Blessed be GOD for ALL things… Good, Bad or Indifferent… I’m rolling with God this time around and will surely SEE the manifestation of HIS promises!!!

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