Don Cornelius– I would think because Mr. Don Cornelius is of the older generation he would have more mental stability.  Now I am not indicating he was crazy or unstable, but simple trying to grasp a better understanding of WHY this had to happen.  Has suicide become the latest crave and phase for this microwave generation?  So many young boys and girls have taken on life and FAILED horrible.  As soon as things become to overbearing, overwhelming, confusing, or anything thats found to be confrontational our young generation GIVE UP!!  Life has almost become like an unwanted pregnancy in which many have aborted. Our children and seemingly older generation need someone to SPEAK the truth and let them know LIFE WILL BE HARD SOMETIMES!!!! It will become overbearing, you will lose loved ones.  You will have failures, shame, discomfort, lies told on you and about you, fake and phony freenemies around you, BUT this is NOT the time to give up or throw in the towel…. This is the time to THANK GOD for the trials and tribulations! Thank GOD that folk have exited your life, friends have shown their true identity, loved ones are no longer suffering, and that you are in this period of isolation.  This is the time GOD designed to get you in HIS presence so that HE can work  MIRACLES in you and through you! Why GIVE UP NOW,,,,,,,???  Talk to me- have you lost a loved on to suicide? Has this infuriated you to ACT in a positive manner or will you fall under and ABORT LIFE???


3 thoughts on “SUICIDE! THE QUICK FIX


    Interesting topic of thought only for ME!!! I am so THANKFUL FOR THE STRONG MIND AND SPIRITUAL CONNECTION TO GOD. It has allowed me not to be overwhelmed by LIFE’s many twist and turns but to flow freely through them. I have never contemplated taking my own life(suicide) but I have contemplated taking someone else’s(murder) and i am glad that the spirit didn’t overtake my soul because whether it is your life or someone else’s the weakness is still the same. At the point that you can no longer rationalize the situation and can’t walk away in your own mind you must make a candid but not always concrete decision. People, places & things can overwhelm the most stable minded person if they are not securely grounded in Christ 1st and who they are 2nd. Have you ever made a rash decision based on the temperment of a situation? to only realize later that it was really irrational? The mind is fascinating in it’s works and if your spirit is not anchored in GOD your mind can overtake your spirit and make you do things you would not normally consider. I recently lost my husband and eventhough i had preparation time because of his illness. My mind began to try to deceive me into believing he would have been better off if he would have stayed and endured more than he already had. My rational mind kicked in and connected with my spirit to let me know that this was GOD’s AWESOME WILL and ALL WOULD BE WELL IN MY LIFE…We are our own worst enemies and if we are alone with ourselves we sometimes allow irrational thoughts and behaviors to overcome who we really are, so be thankful everyday for a sound mind and spirit because it all works together for our good…AJAMET…2/1/12

    • speakingup4me

      Not all of us have such strong faith to endure such tragedies. I am thankful GOD has placed seeds of FAITH in you and you are indeed exercising it!!! More folk need to understand that the mind is powerful and has the power to create the BEST situation or the WORST case scenario. I choose to CREATE the BEST because that is what GOD has implanted in me to do! Continue to press forward in GOD and I promise each day will seem a lot brighter!!!!

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