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I really mean this!!!

In life we are faced with choices and these choices are displayed through our life.

Whatever the choice, the decision will be on display for all to view. Some decisions lead us down a beautiful path of great victories, whereas others leave us with unforgettable consequences.

This young man’s video has inspired me to blog because I love the story being told. It’s all about decisions, perception, perseverance and his future. Check it out and tell me what story you believe is being told

Now is YOUR time because everything else is past tense. It can’t be erased or redeemed so make each choice count. Your future is depending on it!!

Much Love,

Tracy B





It’s been too long

I’ve been away too long but God has funny timing!!

For the longest time I was trying to remember my password. I tried about everything I knew but nothing connected me to the blog. I tried using the ‘forgot password’ but I’d forgotten the password to the email account. So, I started a new blog. I was all set to start over. I blogged, got a few likes and never logged back on. Guess what??? I forgot the password to that one. So I took a long shot, said I’m going for it and here I am! Wont HE do it!!🙂

I’m so glad to be back. I’ve missed reading, liking post, sharing post and writing post.

forbes magazineSo let me get to it. I was speaking with an old friend of mine and we talked about how rich folk get all the gifts, the clothes, the gadgets before everyone else and for free. We couldn’t believe the nerve of the wealthy getting everything free while the common man had to pay. We felt this was indeed some type of backwards joke. Then it hit me. It was so clear. It all made perfect sense. God spoke—-

The king gave talents to his servants. To one he gave 5, the other 2 and the other 1. The one with 5 risked and doubled it. The same happened with the servant with 2 doubling to 4, but the servant with 1 talent buried it in FEAR, believing the king would destroy him if he lost his money. The king returned and the servants advised of their doings. The ones with 5 and 2 said we doubled, the one with 1 said I buried it. I called that servant wicked. The others made me proud but the one that started with 5 got everything.

Why, I asked??

Because he took the biggest risk and I can trust him to do something with a little of nothing. He didn’t fear but he flew and flourished. So when you see the rich getting it for ‘free’ as you say, understand it was never free. They worked hard, took risk and now receiving the fruits of their labor. “

So I have a question, which servant are you? Have you buried your gift or are you risking it all knowing God will bless your risk to double HIS gift?

Stop tripping! God is still with you. NOW go on and do you without fear!!

Much Love,

Tracy B



This he said she said drama!!!

management-training-listening-skills1So you heard something someone said about you and now you’re upset!

Has this ever happened to anyone besides me?

You see someone you haven’t seen in a long while and they spill some tea and it happens to be, he said she said but you’re curious to know what ‘they’ all said about you. Maybe that’s just me too. So, you get this negative gossiped information, forgetting your very own declaration of positivity only to find out it disturbed you. It gets all down in your spirit and causes an uproar. Before you realize it, your thoughts become words and you’re spilling tea and more gossip everywhere but have the nerve to end the conversation saying ‘I’m not with all that negativity and petty drama, I got to much going on!, believing you’ve ended on a positive note after all. Ha, that’s just me too, I bet! You can be honest, I’m not here to judge. We all have a past. I’m simply bringing up my past in the present to secure a future of wisdom and joy! My life, my decisions, my rewards or consequences for my choices. I know it gets better than this. I’m expecting ridiculous blessings and it often comes with great sacrifice. Don’t trip, I’m not down with illuminati. I stand up for GOD Almighty!

Through some rough experiences I’ve learned some simple things. Simple things like, if a thought upsets me I can simply think of something that doesn’t. Simple right! Here’s another simple nugget. If you see someone from your past, that brings up your past to condemn your today, don’t talk, just simply walk away. Way too simple right!! It’s simple ways to avoid negative situations. Just realize it’s none of your business what anyone thinks about you. It’s in their head and until they say it to you, it’s never been said. When ‘they’ come with he said she said, simply say ‘Who cares!’

Don’t allow what you didn’t hear someone say but said to affect your positive day! Drama is definitely beneath the elite. God created us in royalty. Walk in it with grace, wisdom and humility!

Much Love,

Tracy B

We say the pledge of allegiance but why???

He’s showing me so much. I can’t type or write fast enough to contain it all. He took me back to childhood when I would be forced to stand and pledge allegiance to the flag. ‘One nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all.’ For all of who I asked. I can see the shape of this world today. There’s not much love in this world. Instead of people stepping up to make a difference they’re recording from a distance.  Instead of people helping the poor, especially the rich, we talk down with judgment but we’re just one paycheck shy of being in the same predicament. Instead of forgiving people for the wrongs they do or have done, we label folk mistakes and even constantly replay the day they fell victim to such wrong. Yet we pledge ‘one nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all.’

america-2So, for the sake of argument, lets say the majority of this world confesses Christianity and read the bible. With that being the case, we know the word says God forgives and even throws our sins into a sea of forgetfulness. We appreciate that, well I know I do. We thank God for such grace and mercy, for hiding our sins from others. However, it amazes me we don’t have that same compassion or tolerance for others. How dare we desire God’s forgiveness and we don’t care to forgive. We even make memorials of it so that others wont forgive or forget. Yet we pledge ‘one nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all.’

Remember, the manner in which you treat others will be the manner of your treatment from others. You want love, show love! Choose to forgive and forget, so that when we pledge ‘one nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all’ we really mean it. Then we’ll see the hands of God heal our lives and land!!

Much Love,

Tracy B

God is so amazing, so gracious, so kind, so loving, so forgiving, so thoughtful and mindful of little ole me!!!

images-65I feel so free in God. There’s no love greater than HIS love. I know this now. I just had to praise my way through it. He answered me. He heard my cry and spoke with an authority that shook the heavens and rocked my world. I will never be the same. The wave of His spirit took me to another realm. I was no longer boxed, I had been given clearance to move. I knew I was on to something but I didn’t know it was this big. Double for our training, HE says, it’s not trouble when you praise. Everything is up under your feet. When you praise, you see breakthrough before you SEE breakthrough. When you praise, you move the very feet of God. He can’t help but dance and overflow you with blessings reigning down. When you praise, God smiles and lifts you to His level. You find yourself at His side, feeling His peace and sharing in the revelation of His glory. When you praise, not only do you move God but you move your enemies out of position; so the weapons formed will NOT prosper. When you praise, you change your circumstances and force your life to line up with the words of your praise. What if you’re just one praise away from your biggest breakthrough????

God has spoken and I’m  praising Him all the way to my destiny.

 Don’t pray about it, just praise Him for it!

Much Love,

Tracy B

Nothing really surprises me more than God showing love to all, even the wicked.

aquarelle-kulik-catherine-earl-2011That’s the God we serve. He rains on the just and unjust all the same. He is the Father to all of us who believe. I don’t write for those who don’t believe but I do write for those who question if they should. I can easily relate because I’ve been through it but after riding the roller coaster for so long you get sick. You realize you have two choices, get off or stay on. I decided to get off the ride of unbelief/doubt and just believe with all my might. That’s what you do when you’re in relationship with someone you love or desire to know deeper. I’m going all in with God, believing it will be reciprocated. Doubt tries to set in with the ‘what if it don’t work’, well, belief follows up with ‘what if it will.’ I must stay in constant ‘belief follows ups‘ for all the doubts that run through my mind.

It’s easy to have doubts when you see the way of the world today.  To me, often time it appears the wicked get away with murder, literally. The wicked appear to be prosperous, living life and keeping others oppressed. It appears the ones in power and abusing it are never going to see consequences for their actions. Doubt says ‘this is the way it’s always going to be’, Belief says ‘that’s how it appears but you know the ending of the wicked’.

Life has thrown me/us some hefty blows with sharp and accurate upper cuts but it’s our life to live. Why not live with belief that all things are really working together for our good. Why not believe that in spite of what it looks like, or how it hurts at the moment, it’s pushing you into what God promised just for you. Even if it’s a dime in our pocket and a ten thousand dollar balance owed, we must still stay in belief. For it’s in those times we learn that God is our sustainer, our supplier and our source.To God be the glory for all things, even the wicked, for without evil we would never know good.

Just thought someone wanted to declare with me. I choose to believe and if ever I should doubt, Lord help my unbelief!

Much Love,

Tracy B

Who needs freedom???

You just have to know, without any doubt, that God is for you so it doesn’t matter who stands against you! When you walk in that truth, you’re walking in freedom.

Freedom Friday- #CurrentMood


The freedom within displays outwardly when you connect to I AM! What an unstoppable force!-)

Much Love,

Tracy B

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