Day 9 and 10,… I cheated myself a little but I’m back….

Good day everyone! Okay so let me start by saying I am making excuses. I wouldn’t say that about me but that is what my ancestors are whispering at this very moment. Day 9 I got up and gave my thanks along with gratitude but I didn’t meditate, at least not like I’ve been doing. I made it more of a moving meditation day. I was thinking while walking. I affirmed while getting dressed and preparing for my day. I didn’t take time to take time for me. I didn’t feel rushed but I wasn’t relaxed either. Moreover,  I was still blessed throughout the day but my ancestors were rather quiet. I burned my incense to get my environment ready but I wasn’t ready to hear. I was completely distracted. Excuse over-

Day 10, I woke up with intentions. I intentionally meditated peacefully. I intentionally drank water first, then my smoothie. I intentional took my time getting prepared. I intentionally called my ancestors to lead and guide me and all my family, blood or not, today. I intentionally raised the day 10 bar and this is what I’m being feed. I hope it helps you as much as it’s helping me. 

I was asked a question “What can stress or worry add to your life? If you do either long enough would it give the outcome you desire or the outcome you’re thinking? How does it affect your body? Again, what can stress or worry add to your life?”  I thought about it and decided to do some research so I could sound educated with my answer. Then I discovered:

Stress hormones are released switching off  parts of the body that’s needed for survival. This causes breathing rates to increase which causes the heart to pump harder, which that causes the muscles and bones to clench up painfully. Worrying, well that leads to high anxiety & physical illness. Together, these two are life threatening. Apart, these two are life threatening. I didn’t expect to see any of this but I answered the question anyway.

“Stress and worry can add illness, pain, depression, and prescribed medication which will lead to a short  time here on this earth. The outcome is nothing I would’ve imagined because it has nothing to do with why I would stress. However, I’ve been stressing and worrying forever. How do I shake something so common and comfortable, to be honest?”

“You don’t shake anything, you simply let go and allow whatever happens to be. What’s in your control causes no stress or worry.  What you can’t control tears the very limbs from your body. There’s no shaking it, just trust that where we lead is best. We’ve been where you are. We can see what you haven’t seen yet. We have done what you didn’t do yet. When you trust the process, you propel through stress and worry.”

I’m always amazed at the lessons I receive on a daily! They are helping me become the me I’ve seen while meditating. They are helping me to walk and live my daily affirmations. They are pushing me pass the past and causing me to design my greatest future. It’s definitely not an overnight story of all stress & worrying being done but as long as I’m intentional with how I live I hold the power to simply let go of what I can’t control.  And the beautiful part to all of this is you do too!

Are you doing something new yet?

Much Love,

Tracy B


Day 7 and 8 my world is creative

Back to the alarm I go, moreover, not two alarms but one at 6:30 am. Oh, I am grateful for the advancement. I love when little things happen because it’s so BIG in my life. 

I started Day 7 with thanks, gratitude, meditation and affirmations. It was pretty peaceful. I visited ‘myboolove’, the nickname of my adopted in love daughter, and helped her get her new place organized. My chocolate twin daughter, Storm the AKA,  met me there. Shortly after, we began the laughter and cleaning. Well, I began the cleaning and they began laughter. 

‘Myboolove’ began burning sage and we began the blessed affirmations. The night was almost over and the place felt peaceful, inviting, creative and warm. We wrapped up the night with them staying and me leaving. No surprise there! ( LOL ) 

I waited for something different to happen with Day 7 but it pretty much smooth sailed.
As I traveled home the time turned into Day 8 and I got excited of what the later part, but still early day would bring. Then it happened.

After texting my daughters letting them know I was safely tucked in bed I grabbed my handy dandy notebook and started writing. I wrote about 2 chapters before jerking myself awake when the notebook hit the floor. Somewhere along the way I’d fallen asleep. I stretched and picked it up. Once I touched it the ideas kept coming, so I kept writing. I couldn’t and didn’t want to stop, but I finally closed the book and my eyes.  I gave thanks for the creative space and drifted off before my chiming of 6:30 alarm.

Spirit God is doing a new thing, how exciting. My ancestors are leading and guiding me, how exciting. The universe is making all things work for me, how exciting.  Opportunities are everywhere and I can and will close the deals, how exciting.  

Are you doing something new yet?

Much Love,

Tracy B

Day 6, the day of dreams….

Happy Sunday all. I don’t know if it’s the weekend vibes or I’m doing something wrong but no alarms went off, not even my body clock. Actually,  I was fast asleep and dreaming. 

I dreamed of a old soap opera being brought back for a reboot and it appeared the world was excited to see it. I was extremely happy and in front of the TV with my popcorn and expectations. Things were going great until a shift happened. It went from being scripted to harsh reality. Everything was out of order and I was literally pulled in to help. I had no idea what to do. I’d seen the show so many times and could predict the outcome but this wasn’t the same. As I stated, a shift had taken place. Everyone was turning on everyone. Trust was a thing of the past. Our favorite characters were being attacked and from the looks of it, a sequel was suspect. Children were being taunted, adults were being executed and I was observing all of it up close and personal. 

I was finally spotted, but I wasn’t afraid. I knew I had to do something to get this show back on track, yet I was perplexed at how. Then an explosive device came toward me. I took cover but it didn’t explode. After a few moments I got closer to discover it was a phone casing with a little device connected that was deadly and also a dud. I’d seen it blow up others with its power but this one was flawed.

A thought came, a word was spoken, a fire was lit, a jarring and shift took place and I knew my time was now. I grabbed the explosive and took off running towards the one perpetrator left. All the other perps were defeated. It was either him or the rest of us and this one held all the power. How could one against the masses not get destroyed I thought. Surely they will see he’s alone and defeat him but they were afraid. They knew of his former power and dared not step up. They were afraid of doom and demise but I was afraid of living under his authority for that was doom and demise.

The perpetrator grabbed the greatest leader by the neck and together they were falling from a building. He didn’t see me coming because his eyes were on destroying his target. I ran faster and leaped. The leader saw me as he was falling backwards as his eyes fixated on me. The perpetrator felt something wasn’t right. He turned his head to see what grabbed the leader’s attention and saw me falling through the air with my explosive dud. He didn’t know it, but I figured this was my only shot at shifting things in a new direction. The perpetrator panicked and for a moment I saw his fear. He let the leader go and tried moving from my direction to escape the explosive. The leader stopped falling and started flying until safely on the ground, so did the perp but I kept falling (weird right, yeah that’s how my dreams are). 

Throw the explosive,” my spirit spoke. I questioned it knowing that once he sees it’s a dud he’d be back and I’d be the first target of elimination. “Throw it in his direction,” I heard again. Without hesitation I aimed and he took off running. Moreover, I’m still falling. “Throw it now!” I heard again, so I did and it landed on him and he took off running top speed not realizing the device fell off him a long time ago. Now I hear cheering and my falling stops. I landed on both feet right before hitting the ground in a bellow flop. The leader and I were in disbelief. 

You actually tricked him. You made him afraid. You made him run away,” they spoke.

Go get the dud,” I heard my spirit and ran to pick it up. I began thinking he would come back but just now as I’m writing I hear Spirit God speaking- 

“It’s not what you have that’s explosive, it’s what you believe! You are the real device, the dud is just your cover. He wont return, he believes in your power and courage!”

I am doing a new thing and it’s working all of me. From the inside out a shift is happening. Are you doing something new yet? 

Much Love,

Tracy B

Day 5, there’s a difference …..

It’s Saturday and no alarms went off, however, I still arose in great thanks and gratitude. I tried meditating but my thoughts were heavy on an event that irked me yesterday. (How could I allow yesterday to matter when Spirit God blessed me with an entire NEW day I’ve never seen before or will ever see again?). Do you know how awesome that is? I do, but I was still stuck on yesterday. 

I pressed through anyway and asked my ancestors to talk to me. I asked what was wrong and why I couldn’t shake the event. They simple told me ‘stop manifesting it with thought’. It sound simple enough, but for some reason I felt I had to keep thinking and changing the scenario and outcome. Again they said, STOP manifesting it with thought. Of course this aggravated me because I was trying to stop but didn’t know how. I needed help, I desired help, I asked for help so I expected help. 

We are one!

“Burn incense!” one said so I grabbed two. I placed one in my bedroom and one in my bathroom. I prayed while lighting them. As soon as I began to see the smoke the thoughts of yesterday evaporated just as the smoke hitting the air.  And like that, I stopped manifesting the thought.  Really, it was that simple. 

I love the newness coming forth with everyday I give thanks and express gratitude early in the morning. I am truly enjoying the lessons learned on this journey and will share each day as I travel. Stay tuned!! #Love

Are you doing something new yet??

Much Love,

Tracy B 

Day 4, I experienced something…

Again I rose early, missing the 6:30 alarm but up before the 6:50 a.m alarm chimed. This time meditation came easily and swiftly. I was relaxed after only three deep breaths yet entering into a place I’d never been. I was laying down on my back in the warmest sand with the bluest waters covering my feet while my ancestors stood over me. They instructed me to get up and look around.

As I looked I saw shiny pieces throughout the sand. The first piece I picked up was solid gold, the next a ruby, then a treasure box with all kinds of jewels carved into it. I never thought to open it until I saw a diamond. I didn’t want to lose anything. Once I opened the box everything I’d picked up along with the carvings on the box was already inside. Talk about double for my trouble.  I smiled and gave thanks mixed with gratitude for the obvious blessing but I soon felt obliged to give it back or maybe believed it wasn’t really mine.

I realized I was in a meditative state and knew once I opened my eyes it would be back to the normal life. They, my ancestors sensed my thoughts and told me to lie back down in the same position I started. I did as was told. They began to form a circle and dropped the box at my feet. The water moved away as the treasures became affirmations of everything I desired and even things I didn’t know I needed. My ancestors began speaking and I felt every word spoken enter through my feet and continued climbing. Once it reached the top of my head I was released to open my eyes. I can’t tell you what was affirmed but just know I’m walking in it!

Have you tried something new yet?

Much Love,

Tracy B

Day 3, still trying to see something….

This morning I missed my 6:30 a.m alarm. My alarm phone was completely dead, but luckily my work phone alarm went off at 6:50 a.m.  I felt extremely exhausted for whatever reason, but I still thanked Spirit God, Ancestors, Sun, Moon, Trees and Stars for this day. I meditated with ease and relaxed myself even more which landed me back to sleep as the last word of my guided meditation was spoken. When my body alarm went off I smiled feeling grateful, thankful and special. Again, I took my time getting prepared for my day. I didn’t feel rushed or panicked but easy going. I wanted to feel bad for missing my 6:30 alarm but my spirit wouldn’t allow defeat, so I just kept smiling.

After getting dressed, paper was sticking to and out my pocket. I placed my right hand in to push my pocket lining in but pulled out $8. Wow, I couldn’t believe I’d found money, and of all places in my pocket. I did a little happy dance and gave my thanks. I couldn’t help but think to myself that there’s something to being grateful and thankful every morning I arise.

Spirit God is just blessing me with one surprise after the other and I am forever grateful! Have you tried something new yet?

Much Love, 

Tracy B

Day 2, still trying to see something…

Alas, I can feel the sun!

It’s the second day I’ve arose at 6:30 a.m with a greeting of thankfulness and a smile of gratefulness. I am happy to see this day I’ve never seen before or will see ever again. I am happy to have strength and substance. I am happy to have dreams and purpose. I am happy the sun shines, hugging me with warmth and wonder. I am happy the earth solidness allows me to walk with wisdom . I am happy the trees tell me stories of times before and teaches me of times to come. I am happy the wind blows blessings in my direction. I am happy my ancestors guide and lead me to opportunities. I am happy Spirit God loves me daily and downloads favor. I am happy!! 

The worst crime we can ever commit is going to bed without a dream and waking up without a purpose. 

Much Love,

Tracy B

I’m trying to see something….

Today I did something new when the alarm went off at 6:30 am. I usually just turn it off and go right back to sleep but I decided to challenge myself by changing the norm. I decided to scream “I’m happy to see this day I’ve never seen before.  I am thankful. Spirit God, Ancestors, Sun, Moon, Trees & Earth thank you. Thank you for leading and guiding me all throughout the day. I am grateful.”

I began to meditate but before long I was fast asleep. However, I didn’t allow it to stop me when my body clock went off and arose to start over again. This time I got out the bed and made it with a smile and took my time getting prepared for the day. I listened to some affirmations then some recaps of my favorite shows, still smiling. I got dressed and even put on a little make-up (that’s new). 

I decided to challenge myself to do something simple everyday (just smiling and giving thanks) when I wake up. It may seem minute to you but I can FEEL a difference already. Traffic was easy, climbing the stairs was easy, my CEO brought in donuts and I ate them with ease (giggles) and now I’m expecting my clients to be just as easy. I am looking forward to how this day and everyday after will play out all because I am GRATEFUL for the new.

I challenge you to do something different daily and I can guarantee you’ll see something different daily. Don’t believe me, believe the process!

Much Love,

Tracy B

Solitude can be a safe haven….

I constantly have to tell myself “Speak, write, live your truth”. I know you all are perfect and not vexed with this particular flaw. I understand I’m on this island by myself because everyone else is being authentic everyday. I know what I see and read on social platforms is truth. I know y’all out here living your best lives. (Ha,…LIES) However, I don’t mind being on this island of ‘self discovery daily’ alone. In fact, I prefer it. It helps me to learn me, discover me, feel me, understand me, and finally know me without distractions. 

I am not perfect, but I am purposed. I am not flawless, but I am faithful.  I’m not wealthy, but I am rich.  I’m not where I desire to be, but I am grateful I’m not where I used to be. Everyday I will thrive to be the best version of me and I understand it comes with obstacles but it’s nothing I can’t or won’t overcome. I am positioned for greatness. Success is inevitable for me. I am one blog away from blowing up and living the life I’ve always dreamed. 

Thank you all for helping me over the hurdles of getting to know me and love me, all of me! My prayer is you get to know you outside of the stories you’ve heard about you or what you had to grow through during childhood. We are NOT our stories but we are everything we believe to be our truth.

Much Love,

Tracy B

I’m telling on myself…..

Often times I find myself in competition with people I don’t even know and they don’t even realize they’re competing until I start feeling a certain way about things. I go through a mental wondering phase.  “Should I blog? They have lots of likes, I barely get one. They get lots of views yet people aren’t even checking for what I have to say. Am I saying anything worth a like? Does my blog matter?” I know I’m not the only one and if I am then so be it.

It sneaks up on me so simple and subtle. It feels healthy and friendly at first then BOOM it becomes a madness of the mind.  I’m reading what they say, hit the like and if I find it interesting enough I comment with expectations of maybe they’ll check for me BUT it doesn’t happen and I’m cool with it NOW! (giggles)

I found myself doing this a little to much for my liking and had to ~BREAK~ from the madness. I had to remind myself that I am not in competition with anyone but self. I’m responsible for saying and writing what my spirit God is giving me. I only speak from a deep place that matters to me. I channel my ancestors to guide and lead me so there’s no need for me to worry or even think about what someone else is doing or how it’s being received. I can only be as great as my authenticity. Moreover, I’m also responsible for writing for that one person that gets it, gets me, reads me, understands me, and maybe hit the like button on me. 

Don’t get me wrong- it’s not about the likes or followers, it’s about the truth, my truth! I do it because I need an outlet. I do it because I’m lead to. I do it because I love writing. I do it because I love others. I do it because seeing you win from a perspective I offered from my deep place is a win for me. Forgive me if this comes off a little selfish but it’s my truth and I can only be as great as my authenticity. 

Much Love,

Tracy B