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Father God today I pray for Your people, my people!

images-101My prayer for you this day is God equips you with everything you need. I pray supernatural manifestation come suddenly. I pray all things that have caused confusion be revealed. I pray that what seemed there was no way God shows you HE is the way, the truth and life more abundantly. I pray your children are blessed with new gifts and talents that bring great ministry to this world.  I pray all the enemies attacks for you and all you love be cast down and destroyed. I pray favor overtakes you and God’s love overwhelms you. I pray that you believe with your spirit and soul that God is for you and having HIM by your side is more than this entire world standing against you. I pray that you will pray this prayer over someone else and they pray it over someone else and they pray and this impacts the world to pray.  In Jesus name I pray…..Amen!

Pray for others and watch God. There is power in agreement!!

Much Love,

Tracy B

I believe God is speaking and He’s saying the same thing over and over to my spirit.

If you’ve been through enough hell and feel like Job was your new name, then this is for you. If sacrifice seemed to have grabbed a seat and got comfortable in your world, then this is for you. If it seems pain and loss is becoming the new norm, then this is for you. If you believe enough is enough, then this is for you.


It’s time to believe blessings are coming. It’s our due season! Expect everything great you’ve ever dreamed to become life and it’s coming suddenly!

Much Love,

Tracy B

Whatever you desire, go get it!

inspirational-2The time is now for you to get whatever it is your seeking out here in this world. It doesn’t matter what it is, it’s yours to grab hold of and keep.  God is doing a new thing as long as you have a new perspective, and new imagination. God works through our faith and our faith works through our belief. We have to believe that God wants the best for us and in doing so we shall reap if we faint not.

I believe that whatever God has for me is truly for me and it’s for me NOW!

Much Love,

Tracy B

The time, this time is your time and your time is now!

inside lava 14-2In a vision I saw the ground full of dark holes. Each hole was boiling, spewing red lava and bubbles. I saw everything around me as far as my eyes could see, even in the far distance the ground boiled. Stem was bursting with lava and popping me all over but it wasn’t hot to touch. I knew it was really hot to the ground but wouldn’t or couldn’t harm me because I was not walking the grounds alone, God was with me. He was guiding me through the path we were to take. HE didn’t hold my hand, nor did He try reaching out to do so. We just walked and talked. We were so high up I could see my problems solved.  From where we were standing, nothing was impossible. I could do or say whatever. There was nothing I couldn’t have or desire so I had to be careful with my thoughts. Whatever I thought, happened!

I walked further into the darkness of the grounds and heard the angels began to sing. One in particular stood out like none other. Her voice was easily recognized as she sang the words ‘It’s On The Way’ over and over again. “Mom, I hear you. You sound heavenly.” I rejoiced hearing her voice.

“Sssh, listen to what I’m saying to you. Don’t rejoice in my voice, rejoice in my message. It’s on the way. Put whatever you want to put in front or behind those words. No matter what IT may be, it’s on the way!”

I listened and the song answered my prayers and even gave me some bonus victories. I couldn’t believe everything was on the way. I started rejoicing again but God said “this is only the beginning!” I walked some more and saw someone familiar standing there in my original designs. Her hair was like I’d seen it, her body and health was how I’d dreamt and her hair was what I’d always desired. Her smile was amazingly bright and her heart was in a rhythm of perfect harmony.  It was a beautiful sight to see and I needed to get closer. She wanted me to see her standing there in all her glory so I got within distance and she walked right into me. I felt the jolt and my spirit sprang into a newness. I didn’t need a mirror. I knew exactly what I looked like. I had become who I’ve seen all my dreams. I was her and she was me. We were one. I was complete. I was perfect and God was there smiling, excited to see me become me.

God says, “Whatever you say is yours. You are created in my image. I am that I am and you are that you are . We are one, we are perfect, we are complete. Say what you will, it will become. Speak wisely, there’s authority behind every word. The ground is your harvest, your thoughts are seeds being processed to manifestation. It doesn’t matter the thought. I’ll give you whatever you desire. The grounds boiling because the time is right. You’re in the right place at the right time and your visions becomes life and it’s quickly on the way. Whoever you desire to have this same blessing, I desire it too. It only requires belief in truth. I am truth, life and all that is.”

Plant your seed and watch it manifest, quickly becoming life. All those that believe say Amen!

Much Love,

Tracy B

Dancing with my dreams….

I’m still having a good time!.-0)

Things are not perfect but I know this is only temporary. Why get upset with what can change in a moments notice?  Instead, dance with confidence and complete trust in knowing you are destined to see your desires manifested on this earth. If anyone disagrees, well it’s ok to tell them SHUT UP! #SpeakingUp4Me


Only good and perfect gifts come from God, the creator of all things (even dance). #FeelingFriskyFriday!

Much Love,

Tracy B

It’s a beautiful day!!

Sure, it’s a little chilly. The wind is blowing ice chips and all I have is this black peacock coat. I ran out the house leaving my scarf and hat behind. Well, the truth is I don’t know where I left those items anyway. I believe my daughter has them but it’s fine, I would rather she’s warm.

So, it’s Friday and I feel like dancing. The joy of the Lord is truly my delight. My God in whom I trust has set me free. He has taken what was meant to kill me and used it to build me upon a solid foundation. He has turned my sorrow into dancing and all it took was a little music.


Happy Friday my loves- enjoy your weekend. It’s like a dream to me! 

Much Love,

Tracy B


Prayer for today…..

When you learn to dwell in the shelter of the Almighty, you’ve learned the greatest mystery of all!

black_angel_litn.jpgBlessings to you all. You were on my mind and I figured I’d write a little something to tell you how much I love you and pray for the goodness of God to overtake you in a major way. I pray that God open doors that have been padlocked for years and allow you to run through and get everything the enemy thought you’d forgotten about. (Ten fold return) I pray that God reveals His divine plan for your life. I pray that God hears your heart even when your mouth seems paralyzed with grief. I pray that everything you have prayed for becomes manifested in the earthly realm quickly; that only goodness, grace and brand newness abound in your life this day and forever more. I pray that what God has purposed is perfected in you NOW. I pray your mind  is changed and your perceptions are made clear, leaving no room for doubt or deception. I pray your heart’s motives motivate God to move instantly. No weapon formed against you and everything that concerns you will ever prosper, that every tongue that rises against you and everyone that concerns you God condemn and gives you power to do the same. I pray that this prayer touches the heart of God and becomes a sweet-smelling incense to His nostrils and honeycomb within His belly. I declare and decree this day that whatever I pray is done! And all that believe confess by saying Amen & Selah!!
Prayer changes you and you’ll soon change things around you. The fervent prayers of the righteous avails much!
Much Love,
Tracy B


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