Friday facts….

Today is your day of new beginnings.create

It’s your day to be a better version of you yesterday. Let go, create and be kind to one another.

Shine on!!

Much Love,

Ahuva Ora (Love&Light)


When a little change makes a lot of difference…..

I saw the movie “Little”See the source image

I actually used the words ‘cute’ while describing it, and I don’t even like that word, but this movie was so fitting and so enjoyable. Nothing like getting a message off guard. I laughed and learned.

Most of us spent our young life wishing for adult life, so that we can began to live our best life, yet neglecting present life. Then, we reach adult life wishing we’d respected a child’s place. If you’re guilty you’ve said something like, “I wish I knew then what I know now, I would enjoy my youth by__________. ”

So I pose the question, if offered a chance to go back and change anything in your youth, would you? If you knew this one change would shift an overall change of everything, would you change it?  If you answered no, then by all means stop allowing that one thing, or things from youth to keep you from living in the now. You said you wouldn’t change it if you could, so go ahead and live happy. If you answered yes, ‘Little’ didn’t even allow going back in time, but it did allow a revisit to a time in history. It offers another perspective to change history without changing the past, but even it requires living in the now. Either way we choose, NOW is really our only option!

Always remember, your cognition can’t be victorious and a victim. You can’t fully love if you can’t fully trust. And you certainly can’t move forward holding yourself back. Choose, then do!.

That’s my take on it. I wonder what you’ll take from it –

The movie is #CUTE and #FUNNY and the cast was freaking awesome!!!

Much Love,

Ahuva Ora (Love & Light)

Is this you?

Happy Thursday my sun shines!! It’s an awesome day to be ME, and I’m feeling a challenge coming on.

I’m feeling like a SUPER girl/woman!! And because of this I will start a #SuperGirlChallenge – If you’re a super girl (men, I can’t leave you out) or no a super girl/woman then accept the challenge and post. You can either say what makes you a super girl or you can show us. I’m doing BOTH!! Accept the challenge and brag on you!!

#OrenMajor #Spotify #Tidal #AppleMusic #GooglePlay #AllStreams #StayDown(TheAlbum) #Supergirl #SupergirlChallenge #LetsGo #2019Anthem

You’re doing an amazing job, pat yourself on the back!! 

Much Love,

Tracy B


Choose wisely!…..

Take your power and BEGIN!

Be intentional about everything you say and do. Pull yourself out of the sunken place and stand. This is happening for you. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a famine now, you’ll be in favor soon. Believe in yourself, trust your process, and change your mind about reality.


There is a plan to prosper you. Either you will walk into it or away from it. It’s totally up to you. 

Much Love,

Tracy B


Is it just words….

If I can’t do anything else I can write. Give me a pen and some paper and I’ll produce magic. It’s not that it’s illusive but it manages to touch someone without me physically being there. My words when written hasn’t disappointed yet but it can be challenging when spoken.

Notebook opportunity
Writing my wealth

When written, there’s room for correction. You can always erase it and pretend as if you never wrote it. When spoken, you can’t erase the words and pretend you never spoke them. Sure, you can ask for forgiveness and can be forgiven, anything is possible, but how do you forget the impact.

I know you’re thinking it’s just words, it ain’t that deep, life goes on, but not to me. It matters to me how you leave my presence. What have I said to you that will leave an impact, a memorable impression, a seed, the mindset of unleashing (something new) perspective, or simply correction and did I do what I set out to achieve? Moreover, I vibrate and operate in my black girl magic (confession time) but I don’t always use the light. book covr

I sometimes forget the moment, fixate on the past and allow it to possibly hinder my future and speak my words. I sometimes say what’s safe rather than what’s real. I don’t always hit the mark. I get petty, I sabotage, I rock the boat, I play with fire, I cross the line in full knowing of the outcome. I fall short, not often but it’s a powerful impact both ways. I’m just as affected.

I’m saying all of this to say, words really do have power. Today is honesty day in the love yourself challenge with Trent Shelton and I’m spilling all my tea. This mouth of mine can be my blessing or curse. My way out or trap door. My wisdom or wickedness. To sum it up, I am flawed with imperfections yet I am love in all my ways. After this reveal, I must be mindful of the impressionable impact I leave and the frequency I’m using.images-71

Honesty day!

Today challenge yourself to have that honest conversation, rather it be with self or others. The only way to live your best life everyday is by removing everything that challenged it yesterday.

Much Love,

Tracy B


It’s a MAJOR deal right now….

I love all genres of music but today I’m focusing on some real dope hip hop. I haven’t heard this type realness in a long while. I would love to hear your thoughts. Is this real or more of the same?

Much Love,

Tracy B

Are you one of them?…

Are you sharing stories of someone’s hurt or dysfunction? Are you speaking on topics you heard about but don’t know to be factual? Are you thriving off someone’s pain and making fun of someone’s flaws? Well, if you’ve talked about Jussie Smollett’s lying, R. Kelly’s lifestyle, Bill Cosby’s potion of choice or Michaeal Jackson’s little boy craze then you are one of them. YES, I said it and I mean it. Do you really believe Jussie is the ONLY person to lie to push his agenda (if he lied) – Look at President number 45. Do you really believe R. Kelly is the only person that slept with underage girls (if he did) – Look at Woody Allen, Jerry Lewis, Elvis Presley, Hugh Hefner, Larry Flynn and even your own great grandfathers and grandfathers. Do you really believe Bill Cosby is the only person that date raped (if he did)- Look at the Harvey Weinstein, #MeToo movement, or some of your own experiences. Do you really believe Michael Jackson is the only person to sleep with little boys (if he did) – Look at the Catholic churches, your popes, some pastors and the commoness of molestation. This ‘fake outrage’ upsets my spirit. rs_1024x759-150330130455-1024-harvey-weinstein.jw.33015download.jpgdownload.jpgdownload.jpgth.jpgdownload.jpg

The fact that we are pushing these stories more than manifesting our dreams shows that we are ‘one of them’ but we’re a Christian nation, built on biblical principles and the words ‘in God we trust’ right? Well, the bible says to ‘sweep your own porch first‘, remove the boulder from your eye first, judge not, and a host of other parables which simply means ‘mind your own business’! How can we be so caught up in the gossip of someone’s downfall and forget they are humans with flaws just like us. How can we forget that God created them just like us? Sure, you can say, “Well I wouldn’t do that” but truth be told you’re doing something.

How can we laugh at pain but pray for healing? How can we promote war but pray for peace? How can we spread hate but desire love? How can expect forgiveness but have no compassion or mercy for others?

I’ve had enough of the foolery. I’ve heard enough of the ignorance. I’ve seen enough of the hypocrisy so I’m saying all of this to say ‘PUT YOUR BUSINESS ON BLAST just like you’re spreading others with your ‘God fearing’ selves, however, if you don’t wish to do it now, no worries karma will reveal it later. You will definitely reap what you’ve sown.

Just as you’re laughing at their flaws, pain and dysfunction, GET READY you’re up next! Don’t be one of them, be better!!!

Much Love,

Tracy B

Fear is poison

Fear is poison and I must cleanse mine!download.jpg

Fear of losing everything can stop you from obtaining anything. That MUST stop.

Fear of dying can stop you from living. That MUST stop.

Fear of not having enough can stop you from going for more. That MUST stop.

Fear is paralyzing. Fear is ‘fake news’. Fear is only false evidence appearing real but becomes courage when confronted. That MUST start! download.jpg

I can’t stay in the shell forever. I MUST display my butterfly masterpiece. We MUST cleanse- 

Much Love,

Tracy B

It manifested…..

We all know by now, if you don’t life will teach you, that our words are powerful.manifestation_suite.jpg

I’ve been learning how to speak and think only what I desire to manifest in life out of my mouth and mind. I knew, from so many bad experiences, that I had power to make something happen by thought or speech, so I challenged myself to give it a shot with great thoughts and speech to see if I can cause that same making something happen.

I decided May of 2018 I was throwing myself a birthday party internationally. I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to challenge what I could manifest. I began to visualize myself near the waters sipping something specially prepared for a Queen! I saw me wearing a midnight blue bikini with the prettiest white cover-up blowing in the warm wind. I saw my hair, shades, and even toenail color. I saw a resort of the bluest water, and beautiful colors of blues, (it’s my favorite color) purples, burnt oranges , yellow, reds and white. Everything was so detailed. This had to manifest!! It was to good not to be reality.valentines-day-2013-love-wallpapers-for-iphone-5-14.jpg

To sum it all up, I am booked and ready to celebrate me internationally. Everything I saw, each color, the waters, the fun, the views, are everything the resort offers with an ocean view from every angle I wish to turn. I am super elated!!. It’s not until July so you have to stick around with me and see the all the pictures I’m sharing. Now this doesn’t mean I’m waiting until then to share my heart, mind and dreams with you. I got that covered on a daily or at least weekly 🙂 so tune in and show some love.

Moreover, thank you all for supporting me with your likes and reblogs. I am truly grateful because I manifested this

Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not just thoughts and speech because action is definitely involved. You have to do the work to see the results. 

I love you all and thank you for showing love to me.

Much Love,

Tracy B