I can’t, but I can …..

I can’t worry, but I can work.

Now I’m stressed with worry

I don’t worry about when, but I know it’s when I get ready. I don’t worry about where, but wherever opportunity knocks I’m answering. I don’t worry about why me, but hey, why not me! I don’t worry with how long, but I will go as long as I can. Why worry when I can keep going with daily creations.

Message:  Like I said, I can’t worry, but I can work!

Much Love,

Ahuva Ora


Unique being…..

Often times you want to fit in so badly you think of changing who you are. I’m guilty of having this want, but when you know better you do better.manifestation_suite

#Message: Stay true to you and those you’re meant to connect with will find and connect with you.

Much Love, 

Ahuva Ora

My daily mood…..

You don’t need closure to close the chapter. 

See the source imageAll you have to do is turn the page and explore the possibilities. You’ll soon understand that changing your focus  changes your mindset which changes your vision, and that changes the plans to reveal what was thought to be lost turning into your biggest gain.

#Message: “Don’t get stuck on the chapter, read the entire book.”


Much Love,

Ahuva Ora

A letter to my Snookadoodle…..


0Thank you for showing up and showing out for you. Thank you for pushing pass the hate and loving you. Thank you for turning your ashes into beauty. Thank you for smiling from your heart and standing firm in your truth. Thank you for being a great leader and follower. Thank you for being patient with yourself. Thank you for allowing your heart to break and giving yourself permission to learn from your mistakes. Thank you being available when opportunity knocks. Thank you for believing in you more than you believe the lies heard about you. Thank you for the melody in your tone. Thank you for singing the sweetest songs. Thank you for letting go and giving us glory. Thank you for leaving it all on the stage. Thank you for being strong and dedicated to your gifts. Thank you for giving back publicly what Spirit God gave you privately. Thank you for showing me serenity!

Your constant fighting in the womb let me know you’re the warrior needed in this life. You turned and flipped, kicked and split giving me contractions that never let up. You didn’t make it easy, but you’re so worth it. Your talent is unmatched. Your gifts are plenty. Your wisdom is superb and the layers of you are many. I remember you watching videos, singing along and imitating to the tee. Now you’re choreographing your own pieces and your voice is beyond me. Spirit God has blessed me indeed.

Love you,


#Message: There’s a blessing in blessing your children. 

Much Love,

Ahuva Ora (#MochaStarr)

Here’s the beauty I call Snookadoodle….. Follow her on Instagram @Mochastarr and see her work!

A letter to my love….


Thank you for sharing with the world what Spirit God privately gave you. Thank you for showing up and showing out every time opportunity knocks. Thank you for not giving in when life presented a time to give up. Thank you for believing the truth about you more than the lie they tried to tell you. Thank you for giving yourself permission to learn without quitting. Thank you for being a great leader and follower. Thank you for your patience in the process. Thank you for learning all you need and executing without hassle. Thank you for being authentic with your introduction to the world and playing by your rules. Thank you for allowing me to pull you (without resistance) to the sand so the waves couldn’t carry you. You are truly my #1 artist, my favorite son, my seed of success and I’m looking forward to seeing you grow in your glory every day!

Love always, 


Many years ago when my son was just a baby, I put a microphone into his hand and said repeat after me. He repeated a gift of greatness that would reach the masses. Fast forward to the present, that same recording is now being heard by millions of people. Thank you to all who stream #OrenMajor on Spotify, iTunes, Apple, Google, Tidal, wherever- I’m grateful! If you haven’t heard, thank me later!

Message: It’s always a blessing to give your blessings! 

(Here’s the recorded beginning)

Much Love,

Ahuva Ora-

They got some nerve……

There are people who thrive off negativity because misery never likes being alone. 

Happiness is not a crime. Bettering your life is not a crime. Having Evelyn Memesuccess or money is not a crime. Being authentically you is not a crime. None of what makes you all that you are is a crime. Miserable people don’t deserve a single drop of your energy, so stop giving it to them. Just keep glowing and growing without guilt.

Message: Don’t allow someone’s pettiness to ruin your happiness! Leave it all in the bushes- 😉

Much Love,

Ahuva Ora


For this I am grateful…..

I’m grateful!

536501_2229408350943_654783107_n-1I’m grateful for the sun energizing my spirit. I’m grateful for the moon lighting my path in darkness. I’m grateful for the wind blowing away my problems and bringing in my blessings. I’m grateful for the earth giving me a place to reside. I’m grateful for the ground allowing me to stand tall. I’m grateful for the stars allowing me to make a wish. I’m grateful for you being here to read this!

#Message: What are you grateful for?

Much Love,

Ahuva Ora

Stop chasing it!

Stay in the race

There’s no need to chase anything. If it’s for you, it’s for YOU!

Message: Let what you know is coming come to you!

Much Love,

Ahuva Ora

Perfection doesn’t exist…..

Each day I affirm a mentality that perfection doesn’t exist. Here’s what I’m experiencing:-

Image result for 3rd eyeA world where you’ll actually love your flaws. Mistakes are viewed as opportunities to learn. Uniqueness is displayed without feeling awkward or weird. Timelines of life are nonexistent. You forgive yourself. You love yourself. You let go of trying to be someone you’ve never seen. Have you ever seen perfection to duplicate it? 

#Message: If perfection has to exist, then happiness is what I consider perfection!!

Much Love,

Ahuva Ora (speakingup4me) 😉

It’s the worst…..

images-57Lying is bad, we all know this, but it becomes the worst thing ever when you lie to self.

#Message: You can’t stay true if you’re lying!

Much Love,

Ahuva Ora