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Sometimes we make the wrong choices to get to the right place!

1497241_452143554908401_1073775498_n-2I know many of you, like me have pondered the question what’s life all about. What is this day even about, this minute, this very second? We’ve all asked the question hoping somewhere in our subconscious mind we’ll get the mysterious answer. When we pray we must always believe we have received the answer immediately upon asking. We must also believe there is an appointed time set for the answered prayer to manifest in our reality. We must never forget God hears us and is able to do what we’ve asked, what we’re asking and what we will ask. Even when we make a bad decision or follow the lead of the enemy, it still leads us back to God.  There’s no mistake that bad to turn God away from loving us. We are His children, His blessed creation, His first love. He takes the mistake or decision you feel the worst about and turns it into your greatest blessing, pushing you into your ordained promise, which is the right place to be. Never fear, all things are working together for our good, even the bad stuff.

God is truly in control! #BelieveThat

Much Love,

Tracy B

Thanks for teaching me……

I’ve learned to listen to Him every second!

Over the past few weeks things have gotten intense and peaceful in my world. I’ve noticed my dreams are more frequent and full of messages. I’ve noticed my attitude is more peaceful and full of constant testing. I’ve noticed life is truly what I desire to make of it and take from it. The key to all of this is I’ve noticed! I use to fly off the handle with the slightest change in plan or difference in opinion. I couldn’t understand how people could think differently than I do. After all, I thought my way is pretty much common sense and factual and who could disagree with that. LOL! Well I was wrong in that stinky thinking and I’m thankful God showed me the error of my ways.

management-training-listening-skills1When you go back to where you came from God shows you the origination of why and how things came to be. I heard Him say “Just listen. Don’t speak. Observe with your eyes only and take in the lesson I’m about to put on display.” Well I did what was asked without hesitation and learned I was a bully when it came to my opinion, my way of doing things, and my way of dealing with others. I was shocked and appalled at the same time. I couldn’t believe I behaved in such an ill manner. I had no tolerance, patience or virtue. BUT GOD!

Learning is a beautiful thing when God is the teacher. There’s never a test to hard because He’s always with you, giving you the answers because each test is open book. If you would just put your trust solely in Him, abide in the shelter of Him, rest upon Him then life becomes peaceful, easy to live, and all things become new.

You’re never to old to learn!

Much Love,

Tracy B

What’s going on????

The world seems to be going crazy by the second.

There’s so much hate, sin, chaos and disbelief. I truly feel I’m walking through revelations and starting to wonder if I, we, us are left behind. The men and women who are to protect and serve are the number one killers across the land. The laws that say equality and justice for all are being exposed as the very opposite. The amendments that speak of freedom are now chained, bound and silenced. I’m at a loss for answers so I cried out and asked God to answer the riddle of why the wicked seem to have taken over—

shiftingTracy, my dearest love. There’s no take over but there is an under. The world and MY children are under attack. My time is approaching and I need warriors with me. I have some great ones too. Your mom hasn’t stopped praying, singing and crying out. We stay in worship. Your dad’s energy and persistence in helping others keeps me motivated to move. The things you are experiencing is a result of what is going on in heavenly places. You will soon see the beauty under the ashes. You will soon receive the harvest after you’ve been under fire and through the storm. All of these things must happen. There’s no love without hate. There’s no evil without good. There’s no over without under. I will get you over the mountain but you must first enter through the valley. In the valley is where you will find your strength, your stride, and your steps to victory. It’s all working for your good. Go under with Me so We can get over this!

The enemy has smoke screens designed to trick the eyes, play on the heart-strings, and perpetrate a blurred future but God has placed the smoke under living waters to provide you an overview of what really needs to be seen!! Our future looks bright, brilliant and blurred free!!!

Much Love,

Tracy B

A new consciousness…..

The people in your life aren’t the source of your problems, the forces of darkness are.

My life is a reflection of my consciousness.  If I am feeling unhappy with my circumstances, I don’t linger in disappointment or discouragement like I used to, but rather I rejoice in the discovery that I can change my life by shifting my consciousness. If I don’t like the film that is playing, I can simply change the reel!

Far_away_from_Home_by_ArthurBlueI use to blame others for what was happening in my life and neglected to believe what God said. He tells us that we wrestle not against flesh and blood but darkness of authority in high places. That passage took awhile for me to truly comprehend because truthfully I didn’t want to. It was impossible for me to see outside of the tangible person that stood in front of me trying to hurt me, either with words, actions or deeds. This set up a consciousness of “the world is out to get me” and with that thought I was against the world.

To shift my consciousness, God made me examine my beliefs. Do I believe I am deserving of love? Do I believe I am one with God? He forced me to repeat this practice until my consciousness shifted and I began to see the dawn of a new day. I am deserving of everything God has for me and no man can take what He has to offer.

I pray that God gives you a spirit of wisdom and revelation as you come to know Him and shift your consciousness and see the dawn of a new day!

Much Love,

Tracy B

This lifted my spirit and just in time! 

A message from Tyler Perry

2761252333_5b46aebfd6 water colorsDo you know how many times I tried to be successful at doing plays before it finally worked? From 1992 until 1998, every show I put on flopped. No one showed up, and I lost all my money. I wanted to give up. I thought I had failed, but the truth is, I never failed. Each and every time the show didn’t work, I learned something new. I learned what not to do and what I could do better. You have to understand that what you may perceive to be a failure may very well be an opportunity to learn, grow, get better, and prepare for the next level. If you find the lessons in what you perceive to be failures, then you won’t ever fail at anything. Everything I learned during the “learning” years (that’s what I call them now) has helped me in the “harvest” years (that’s what I’m living in now).

Don’t be hard on yourself. You haven’t failed. Find the lesson so you can use it when you get to your harvest. It’s coming, just believe. I don’t know why I felt the need to send this today, but I know it will reach whom it’s supposed to.

Only believe!!

Much Love,

Tracy B

It’s finished, its paid for, it’s already done!

images-57 The things I’ve been going through, the decisions I’ve made, some parts of my past that I refused to let go has taken its toll on me. I find myself sitting still just thinking of everything and wishing desperately I could call on my parents for direction and guidance. Believe me, I’ve tried talking to my Father God but HE is so silent lately. He is not giving me anything to work with but allowing the enemy to throw everything my way. Anyone else feel this way? I’ve noticed that the more I seek God the more trouble come my way.  But I’m learning I can’t call God my deliverer if there’s nothing to be delivered from. I can’t say He’s my provider if I have all I need and want. I can’t call God my healer if there’s no sickness. I can’t call God my way maker if things aren’t in my way to block me. I can’t call God my source if everyone else can get me out of a jam. I can’t call God my everything if I’ve never been down to nothing.

I will stay in the fire. I will go through the storm. I will believe in spite of all the disbelief around me.

I just needed to declare that for me. I will continue to walk in authority believing, trusting, knowing it’s already done!

Much Love,
Tracy B

I truly have the victory but it’s my greatest defeat!!!

Let me explain this statement. I know I am a child of the Most High God but I sometimes play by the enemies rules. I know the fight is being brought to me through principalities in high places but  I still go after flesh and blood. I act as if the people, God’s people are out targeting me, like I’m being personally attacked. I have no respect or patience once I feel threatened in any form. I take it upon myself to start fighting. I knew I was wrong so I sat still and waited.

God showed me all my challengers. HE showed me the same enemy over and over again but with different faces, different potentials, different power punches and techniques. Then HE showed me HIS way of defending me and defeating the enemy little by little, however HIS way allowed HIM to get touched. With each punch GOD laughed but I felt every blow and it wasn’t funny. After so many combinations and upper cuts I tagged myself into the ring and moved God to the side. I wanted to protect HIM from harm but we all know as soon as I got in the ring it went crazy. I saw every punch, scheme and shenanigans coming my way but I was powerless in my defense. I looked over for God to help me, tag Himself in but HE didn’t. I stretched out my hand but HE never tagged it. Finally I cried out “Help me please. I can’t do this by myself.” God looked pass my eyes and spoke directly to my spirit.

the knockout“We’re going to lose this round but we are still in the fight. It’s a lot of rounds to this. Don’t get discouraged or feel condemned. I knew you were going to protect ME but I’M GOD. I admire your courage but your obedience wins the battles. I admire your strength and swiftness but your endurance wins the race. Let go and relax in ME. I created, shaped, formed and molded you into MY image. I breathe MY very breath in you to produce life with great abundance. I know everything there is to know about you. Yes, you’re one of a kind but you are not GOD. I Am that I Am. The battle is not yours, I got this!”

Again I’ve fouled things up trying to help God or play GOD. Now I sit in my consequences thinking I really didn’t have to do that!

Thank God there’s no condemnation only faith, forgiveness and forwardness.

Much Love,

Tracy B

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