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Gone and go through it…..

Don’t get to happy about where you are now because it can very well change tomorrow.

When you’re a person of transition you tend to know you’re going somewhere but not sure where that somewhere is. You walk around aimlessly but bold in your steps knowing their ordered by God. You talk of the future but have a hard time letting go of the past. One day you’re full of faith and the next full of fear. images-69Remember transition means passage from one form, state, style, or place to another.  You’re never on the same road or going through the same thing. That’s why when one thing gets fixed another thing blows up and you find yourself asking “what now, how much more, when will this end?”.  Maybe it’s just me but for the past 4 years I’ve been in transition. That’s the best way to sum things up. In this phase of life I find myself accumulating ‘haters’ and dropping toxic relationships. Nothing is quite the same. Everything has purpose and meaning but without knowledge it appears to be just another problem. Here’s the great news in all of this—- you’re going through, you’re not stuck in any situation, you’re passing through the valley and headed to the mountain top. You need those haters so that God can prepare the table in the presence of your enemies. All things are changing daily but working together for good.

Allow this transition, this change, this time of turbulence to happen; for in the end you’re esteemed and crowned as winner!

Much Love,

Tracy B



I’m not going to even let that bother me!

images-106It’s quite alright that the ones you thought would be there are not. It’s quite alright the love you thought was exclusive to you is not. It’s quite alright that the job you thought would give you great gain laid you off. It’s quite alright the friends you called on turned their phones off. It’s quite alright you trump charges and stick labels that make other perceive me and mine as junk. It’s quite alright because I know someone. I know someone who sits high but looks down low. I know someone who sees all that goes on, even when the lights are off. I know someone who loves me in spite of all your lies. I know someone who cares about the tears I’ve cried. I know someone who is better than you will ever be. I know someone who took the time to know me.  I know HE loves me. I know He cares. I know HE shelters me from the pain of the world and my heartache matters to Him. I know He is always for me, my true ride or die. I know God and that’s quite alright!

It doesn’t matter what they say. You didn’t originate from others anyway. God is OUR creator, HE is our source. HE is OUR Father and has the final say of course!!!

Much Love,

Tracy B

I can be upset about so much, but I’d rather not!

In fact I choose to give God the glory for it all. It may not all make sense but I know it’s all working for our good; me and my children. See, God gave them over to me to raise, teach, guide and lead but I can never forgot God initiated this. Some days I feel like they’re just mine, like I created them. I tend to think that they, just like I, have no beginning or end. God created all of us. Sure, there was a BIG BANG right after God spoke He needed some light. He is God!!

PenguinsLife has thrown some curve balls but I’m a great batter. Life has even sent me through some deep valleys but I wasn’t alone and never will be. I know that God is with me, with us and that’s more than enough. I’m saying this because folk I thought would be there, wasn’t. Maybe it’s because of the labels that have been placed on us with stipulations and speculations but thank God for revelation.  I realize now the doors that closed, God closed them because He knows it’s no good for us. However, the door we enter is the one God opened for us and no man can or will close it. I speak of me and my children as one because we are. I can feel their hurt and pain just as they can feel mine. I even know what’s being said without them saying a word. We’re just connected like that. So for all that have turned their back, talked their smack, lied their lies, and planned their traps, God sees you and will handle you accordingly. I realize more and more it’s not our battle to fight but our mission to stand. We must stand in belief, stand in faith, stand with patience and endure this race. God is able to do what HE said He would do. He will fulfill every promise to you. Don’t give up on God because He’ll never give up on you. HE’s able!!!

Words to live by…. What man wont do God always will!

Much Love,

Tracy B

As the song says “As good as God has been to me I can’t afford not to bless His name”

images-101Things are not how I would desire them to be but they are not how they use to be.  God has and is still so good to me, my family and friends. HE has been better to me than I could or would ever be to myself. He causes the sun to shine, the moon to light the dark nights, and the wind to blow my troubles away. HE continues to keep me from dangers seen and unseen. He continues to provide grace and mercy and it’s new on a daily basis. HE continues to give me beautiful flowers to smell along my journey and beautiful art as I look toward the skies. God bailed me out of a troubled past, a prison of what folk think of me and how I felt about myself. I am no longer the same. I’m not perfect but I’m promised perfection.  I’m not flawless but I’m promised a future of no blemish, spots or wrinkles. I’m not rich but I’m promised riches and houses of royalty that I didn’t even build. What a mighty God we serve.  I’m thankful for it all. The good definitely out ways the bad and I have no room or tolerance to complain.

As for me and my house, we WILL serve the LORD.

Much Love,

Tracy B

Faith makes the difference…..

I continue to learn as I continue to listen.

God does and says things the way HE sees fit. I want God to just outright talk to me and let me know whats what so I can get this thing right. I get tired of being up one day and down the next three. I don’t question God’s existence but His motives of my existence. It’s crazy I know but just when I felt I couldn’t take another moment of anger God spoke

images-104“And behold a woman diseased with an issue of blood twelve years came behind ME and touched the hem of my garment. She said within herself if she could only touch the hem she would be made whole. She pushed past everything and touched My hem. I turned to her and expressed her faith made her whole. Her persistence, her belief, her moving pass every obstacle to get to the source, made her complete that very hour.

And behold a ruler came explaining his daughter died but for Me to lay hands on her and she shall live. I went to the ruler’s home and the people stood there crying. They mourned hard for their loved one but I told them have faith, she is not dead but sleeping. They laughed, even tried to scorn Me. So I removed the naysayers and disbeliever from amongst Me and went into the room, grabbed the girl’s hand and she arose. And her fame spread abroad into all the lands.  So blind men came next and I simply asked them if they believed. They both answered yes and I touched their eyes but faith opened them to see. Then a dumb man possessed with evil came. He couldn’t even speak but had faith to believe. Evil was cast far from him and he spoke and marvelled the multitude. 

I’ve heard your cry and answered you but you didn’t understand. When will you say within yourself  that if you could just touch My hem you will be made whole? It starts when you get negativity far from you so that I can move on your behalf. Faith operates, fear separates. I can’t work miracles without you working faith. The harvest is plenteous, but the labourers are few. You want the blessings but not the work associated. Your time is NOW there’s no need for delay. It’s dark but keep allowing ME to lead you. Close your eyes and relax because I’m carrying you.  Now remove the old thoughts, habits, talk, hurts and open your eyes to NEWNESS. It’s all around you! Your faith has made you whole”

For behold the old has passed away and all things are made new.

Much Love,

Tracy B

Belief is power……

Who will you believe? 

Scripture teaches that  even Jesus didn’t want to do certain task but because of His love for the Father He obeyed.  Because of His trust He took action.

Waterfall34-2There’s someone reading this right now who God has given a specific task to do but your fear has caused doubts.  The doubts have caused you to become stagnant, paralyzed and powerless.  You feel like you’ve waited to long, it’s to late, that God has moved on and given your blessing to someone else. That’s not true! What God has for you is ONLY for you. Your name is written all over it and if anyone else tries to touch, taint or take it they will fail. God designed your blessing so that you alone will benefit. What are you waiting for?

God has given you the green light, why haven’t you jumped? 

Much Love,
Tracy B

Well do it then…..

 If you will offer up the suffering that you have endured I will honor your sacrifice, and it will become a sweet fragrance to Me.  

I received this message early morning and I’ve been pondering over it since.  I feel all I do is offer my suffering for God to take care of and turn it into joy but this message indicates suffering will become honored sacrifice and smell of sweet fragrance to God. Now here’s where my confusion comes in to play, if I’m doing these things why am I not getting the second half, the beauty, of this message? I have the suffering and sacrifice down pack, as I’m sure some of you do as well but where’s the honor and the possibility of our sacrifice becoming sweet and making God take notice?

I had to go to The Source for clarification’

21-BENETT-WINDOWS-OF-HEAVEN-MAL-3-10-1“I say unto you this day and everyday going forth, My word will not return to Me void. Each place I send it, it produces, it speaks, it works, it is so! If  you would consider the simple things you will finally reap the big harvest. I only ask that you change your perception, the way you think, the way you see it, the way you feel about it determines everything. I’ve asked repeatedly that you believe, don’t doubt. I’ve asked repeatedly that you think differently. I’ve given you power in your position, power to create what you desire things be. You don’t give Me your suffering. You give me the problem and your resolution. Giving Me your suffering requires you letting go completely. You have to believe harder than you suffer. You’re here on purpose and I’ve just placed you in position. Now watch the miracle in meeting Me and giving me all of you!”

I believe, I let go and now I’ll sit back and receive all God has for me.  Are you willing to let it all go to get God’s anointed flow?

Much Love,

Tracy B

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