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When God speaks you just have to listen. You never know what you’re going to hear but you know it’s going to be something.

management-training-listening-skills1“Greater is coming. Out with the old and in with the new. I’m not a man who I would or could even lie. My word never returns void. Each place I send it, IT is so. My word and I are one. When you speak My word, you’re speaking with authority. When you speak My word, you’re speaking with power. When you speak My word, you’re speaking what is to take place immediately. I will do what I have promised. Don’t you know what I promised you? Can you recall what I promised before you gave in to doubt, fear and disbelief? Remember the day you were in My presence and I held you gently in My bosom and spoke My promise over you? It was and still is just for you! I promise to supply all your needs. I promise that your former days will be nothing compared to your present and latter days. I promise that I am for you. I have declared you righteous. You are the apple of My eyes. I have something special that I plan to surprise you with soon enough. I promise!”

Since God promised it prepare to receive it because it’s a blessing with only your name on it!

Much Love,

Tracy B 

images-20Today marks the 3rd year of my mother’s transition to Heaven’s gate.  I’m not sad or depressed. I’m actually happy because God has given me the revelation that my mother had to die so that I may live. She has become my/our angel. She is now me and my brother’s protector. She is constantly interceding for us and making our prayers known to God our Father. I’m elated in knowing God is in control and I will see her again.

God said

“Everything is going to be all right.  I have given you this assurance in the past, but I am bringing it again by way of remembrance.  You will move into a more powerful spiritual reality that will result in destiny fulfilled.  Your destiny will not be haphazard or partially fulfilling; it will be rich and deep.  The process has begun, and I will bring it to completion, says the Lord.  Trust Me! ” 

Philippians 1:6 being confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ.

Much Love,

Tracy B

I’ll fight for you!!!

I’m allowing God to control things while I rest!

God sees the problem. He placed our feet up under it.  God knows the answer. He said His thoughts and ways are above ours and some things will remain a mystery until we see Him.  God sees your heart and the heaviness of it.  He said cast your cares on Him because He cares for you. He will perfect, correct and beautify all that concerns you. Don’t lose hope and never forget this is not our battle to fight. God is fighting for us. He knows all and in control of it all. Don’t be afraid to leave your home. Don’t be afraid to walk your streets. Don’t be afraid to wear your hoodies. Don’t be afraid to give it to God and trust HE FIGHTING FOR YOU.

When God fights the only winner is HIM!!! Let Him fight and you rest in knowing the outcome!!

I absolutely LOVE this artist… He has taken gospel music to another level!! MaliMusic

Much Love,

Tracy B


stlouis10n-6-web-441x900-2I’m hurt once again by the lack of LOVE this world experience on a daily basis.

Another young man gunned down for nothing more than pure hatred.

See, I’m a St. Louis native and found the news disturbingly frustrating.

People are growing tired of the same ole same ole.

Doesn’t matter that you don’t have a weapon, they’re still killing souls.

They call it ‘stand your ground’ but how can they feel threatened when they’re holding the weapons?

I thought the police’s job was to protect and serve

but the roles have changed and now they’re bullies walking this earth.

The authority of the blue suit, fast car and peculiar badge means nothing when God decides to bring some karma/consequences to your evil task!!!


Please pray for the Brown family. It’s a sad time for America. We can not allow hate to take over the world when God has filled us ALL with love.

Much Love,

Tracy B

It’s beautiful……

I’m putting a lighter in the air for you, for love, for us because we’re beautiful!-)



Enjoy this day by allowing beauty to unfold to reveal your blessings.


Much Love,

Tracy B

I really do love great music!

I would like to think my greatest collections are movies and music. I love to curl up and watch a great movie just as well as dance to a great song. Since we’ve had so many things happen to music I’ve just settled for listening to ‘as my daughter calls it’ back in the day music. The music had a message back then, it told a story, it meant something and left you wanting more. Now, I’m not saying great artist don’t exist today but I am saying we don’t hear about them. They’re not even in rotation for radio play. It’s amazing what the dark  powers that be want us to hear and how often they want us to hear it.  But, I never did like the dark powers that be. They’ve always had control issues and I hate feeling as if I’m being controlled so I rebel by search for artist that give me what I seek and feed me what I crave.  I found that in Mali Music @MaliMusic (twitter)

This artist is superb and he’s taking music to a level I’m willing to climb.

Take rest in each day knowing there’s FIRE on the inside waiting to ignite on the outside.

Much Love,

Tracy B

Until you learn the lesson,  forget about getting the blessing.

There’s nothing to deep about this statement. It’s just pretty much truth.  How can you be blessed if you haven’t learned you were cursed?  How can you be wrong if you don’t know what’s right or vice versa. It’s simple right? Not always, at least not with me. I believed I should receive the blessing just going through the test. I thought I should receive an E for my effort. So I thought I’d ask God about this if and then factor that’s before me. “God listen, some of the test are pretty scary. I don’t always know if I’ll make it out alive but You’re telling me I have to learn a lesson before I can get my blessing? That sounds like a long wait of struggle to get what exactly?”

Snip81“Tracy, what will you gain from getting all you want without going through all you have to?  How can you learn without a teacher? How can you hear without ears? How can things grow without seed? How can you grow without Me? Think about this….your daughter wants her license and you want her to have it but not without going through the steps it take. You’re not just going to hand her your car keys and say teach yourself, come back when you’re ready for the test. That’s ludicrous! Before she can even take the driver test she has to pass the written test of knowledge. Even the DMV require you learn the lesson before getting the luxury of driving. I haven’t heard you question their tactics, you just do the requirements. There is a lesson to be learned each day of your life because there’s a blessing to be given each day of your life. Learn the lesson and get the daily blessings. Have I ever lied to you before?”

There’s a blessing everyday with your name on it. So you’re to blessed to stress off senseless mess!!!

Much Love,

Tracy B

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